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Featured Android & iOS Games of February 2017 - TheGreatApps

Best New Games for Android and iOS - February 2017 Edition

Game lovers are always looking for the best games for their device. Here we got a bunch of excellent games of last month. These are the featured Android & iOS Games of February 2017.

It doesn't mean these games are released in February 2017. But these are the best games which you may not know in the last month. So, at the end of the month, we picked all these best games and listed in Best Games of February 2017. Let's have a look on these best new games for Android and iOS users.

Cross One - The Numbers puzzle

Cross One is a number puzzle game. It's one of the most played games of February 2017. You need only 10 seconds to know how to play this game. It comes with 540 stages or more. Cross One has not required any permission to install it.

The best thing is, you can change the game's background as you want. It features leaderboards and achievements. There is no limit or time pressure to solve levels. And that's why Cross One is the best new game of February 2017.

Cross One

It's available for both iOS and Android users. It's very interesting gameplay. Make your brain smarter by playing Cross One. Read here another advanced features of Cross One.


Wartime X

Wartime X is an amazing battle game which is listed in Best Games of February 2017. The game features real World locations. You can customize your team for victory.

Build your elite squad, equip yourself with tactical upgrades, and unlock powerful abilities as you fight to complete missions in over 100 real-world cities. Create powerful sequences of Attacks, Blocks, and Holds in a unique fusion of poker and war.

Wartime X<

You'll get daily bonuses for being a loyal player. Just complete achievements and daily goals which will help you to level-up your squad. Not only this, you can collect your favorite heroes, villains, and create your own perfect team. So, it's amazing iOS game. Read more about Wartime X.


Kung Fu Stickman Warrior Game

Kung Fu Stickman Warrior Game is also one of the best new games of February 2017. It's the best stick game on your mobile. This game is simple but attractive which is expected to become new wave in Android and iOS devices.

People who love the battle game, Kung Fu Stickman Warrior game is for you. It'll give you a chance to become a hero in epic battles. You have to play as a stickman soldier. Well, the game is very easy to control on your mobile device.

Kung Fu Stickman Warrior Game

The best thing is it has an endless mode. So you can survive as long as you can. It features different weapons which you can use in war. You can also upgrade your weapons. So, it's really interesting gameplay. Read more about Kung Fu Stickman Warrior Game.


Derby Destruction Simulator

Almost people love car games. Derby Destruction Simulator will give you a different experience of car simulator game. Just take a car and go to the smash and survive the most deadly smash field.

You can test your driving skills by playing Derby Destruction Simulator. It's easy to control. Derby Destruction Simulator game comes with HD soundtracks and real car sounds. It features a powerful artificial intelligence of opponents and different unique arenas.

Kung Fu Stickman Warrior Game

It comes with amazing graphics and effects on a wide range of devices. Derby Destruction Simulator becomes one of the most played games of last month and so we listed it in Best New Games of February 2017. Read more about Derby Destruction Simulator game.


Pixel Gun 3d

Pixel Gun 3d is one more battle game that we listed in the Best New Games of February 2017. It is a pocket edition for mobile devices. The game gives a chance to battle with your friends, classmates, and colleagues or anyone else around the world.

You can also create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield. It features unique maps of various shapes and sizes. You can play in multiplayer mode. Up to 8 players are in one game.

Pixel Gun 3d

The best is you can chat with your friends in the battle. So, it's an amazing battle game. Pixel Gun 3d features main three modes: Multiplayer Mode, Cooperative Mode, and Survival Campaign. So, read more about Pixel Gun 3d game.


Best Dog Games

Best Dog Games show you funniest and cutest dogs. It features different-different dogs' sounds which make this game more awesome. Best Dog Games is the best game to keep your child busy.

Best Dog Game

This game includes big dogs, kids dog games puppy games puppy games pug life interesting puppy games. A cute and hungry dog needs to be fed. This little kids game for free 4-year-olds boys is fun to play and are free kids game for boys age 4. Read more features of Best Dog Games


Ninja Man Falling Down 2017

Ninja Man Falling Down 2017 is also in Best New Games of February 2017 list. Help your Ninja ascend the building by using the crane, use your Ninja skills but be careful, If you don't act quickly you may bring about your Ninja's Fall.

Ninja Man Falling Down 2017

Think fast or the Ninja will Fall down from the building. The speed of the Ninja will rise the longer you ascend the building. So, it's very challenging game. It's available on iOS devices only. Know more about Ninja Man Falling Down 2017


Defense of Egypt

It's different battle game in our list of Best New Games of February 2017. Defense of Egypt is not just the battle of powerful weapons but also the game of strategy. You need to plan strategically and use all possible tactics to safeguard your land at the TD game.

Don't forget your enemies are very strong than you think. So, be careful. You have to use your weapons smartly. You can upgrade your weapons. The gameplay is lined up with an interesting story plot which will excite the players and make this epic battle of Egypt and Rome very indifferent.

Defense of Egypt

Defense of Egypt will give you a real strategic battle game experience because it comes with great colorful 3D graphics, awesome sound effects and much more. Read more about Defense of Egypt game


Astro Ninja Pigeons

Astro Ninja Pigeons features mini-game tournaments against other pigeons. Collect apples, compete in races or zap invading aliens. Then get down to the pigeon weapons shop to power up with missiles and mines for the next event.

Astro Ninja Pigeons

It comes with an intuitive thumb-driven control system with the friendly tutorial. Astro Ninja Pigeons features different colorful levels and challenges. It's a very addictive gameplay. You might not know about this game so we listed it in the best new games of February 2017. Read more about Astro Ninja Pigeons.


Study! Language Word Game

Do you spend hours hooked on puzzles or block games? Are you a word game fan? Do you simply want a fun way to practice a new language? If you're looking for an addictive game experience that will help you practicing a new skill, then Study! Language Word Game is for you!

Study! Language Word Game is an educational game. So, we listed this best educational game in our list of best new games of February 2017. You can explore a world of over 80 stages using an arsenal of bonuses, power-ups, and secret unlockables.

Study! Language Word Game

You can play in English, Spanish, French, Japanese or simplified Chinese. This way you can learn new words and improve your knowledge. Just be smart and place falling letters strategically, avoiding traps. Read some exciting features of Study! Language Word Game.



Brainsquare is the hardest puzzle game. It's really hard to finish all the levels. But the challenge is the main thing in the game. So everyone likes this game. The Brainsquare game comes with 20 for free to test.

Challenge yourself and try to win a gold medal by solving the puzzle in a short number of moves and share it on Facebook. It features 200 challenging and intriguing levels. Brainsquare is an innovative game which gives you simple one-finger touch controls experience.


Brainsquare is one of the most challenging games in our list of Best New Games of February 2017. It's very addictive game. See here more features of Brainsquare.


Daddy Short Legs

"Daddy Short Legs" the name is quite interesting. Jump with your short legs to avoid spiky obstacles and try not to cut. You can play as a Daddy or Mommy. It is very easy to play, look the position of your Daddy and jump as far as you can with your legs.

The best is it features a multiplayer mode. So, you can play with your friends and family but be careful because sometimes it can be dangerous. Now the question is how to play Daddy Short Legs?

Daddy Short Legs

So, first of all, memorize the position of each obstacle before the lamp turns off and hold your finger pressed. When the jump bar is loaded enough, remove your finger, your daddy will jump! It's fun to play. Read more features of Daddy Short Legs game.


Color Surge

One more puzzle in our list of Best New Games of February 2017 is Color Surge. Yes, it's a new, fun, challenging game. Just swipe right, left, up, and down to move the tiles. You can play in three basic modes: Classic mode, Timed mode, and Moves mode.

Color Surge

In the Classic Mode, there is no limit on a number of moves. In Timed Mode, race against the clock and see how many tiles you can match while seeing how high of a score you can get with only 50 moves in Moves Mode. Read more about Color Surge.


Santa's Adventure

Santa's Adventure game is all about Christmas evening. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus will need as much help as possible to keep no children out of gifts. Santa Claus is everyone's favorite so it's fun to play with Santa Clause.

Santa's Adventure

Embark on this Christmas adventure, deliver as many gifts as you can, do not forget any home and do not miss any gifts. It's really different game and so we listed it in best new games of February 2017 list. See how Santa delivers gifts on Christmas evening.


Petal Pop Adventure

Join Fairy Flower Petal and her friend rabbit as they go on their Petal Pop Adventures through the Little Forest and beyond. Petal Pop Adventures is not just a fun game to play on your own, but it's also great for playing alongside your Facebook friends as you can request or send lives and boosts to each other.

Petal Pop Adventure

Petal Pop Adventure features over 100 enchanting levels. You can use magical boosters to help you beat tricky levels. Also, you can send boosters to your friends or request some when you run out. Compete with your friends on the leaderboard. Read how to play Petal Pop Adventure game.


My Little Farmies Mobile

My Little Farmies Mobile is a fantastic farm game fun. Here you can build your own personal village. It's a standalone game. The internet connection is required to play this game. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful world of My Little Farmies mobile.

My Little Farmies Mobile

Run a family farm and grow all sorts of plants. It gives a real experience of the village. My Little Farmies Mobile comes with long-lasting fun through level-up rewards, unique challenges, seasonal events and more. Read more about My Little Farmies Mobile game.


With this, we come to an end of best new games of February 2017. So, these are the Best New Games of February 2017. Download it and get experience at once. And if you're looking for our other recent picks, our January 2017 list has a lot of goodness on tap, too.
You can also Submit Your Own Apps & Games here and get a huge response from our millions of users. Any query regarding this, feel free to Contact Us. So download these games, we would love to hear about which Best New Games of February 2017 you consider to be the best ones in the comments below!

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