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How Tech Developers Are Winning the Game

In today's world, more and more of our communication is hosted online. We spend hours glued to our computers and smartphones for everything from entertainment to business to conversation. If we want to purchase something, shopping apps have that item just a few button clicks away. There's been an increasing reliance on technology, which has skyrocketed in the past few years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. When people are working in isolation, they need technology to keep them connected to the outside world. The universe of tech development changes so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up with. But for software developers that understand how to play the game, this field is among the best to launch a profitable lifelong career.

Becoming a Tech Developer

Tech development is one of the most lucrative careers in today's day and age. Big companies and small startups are constantly looking for creative and knowledgeable software engineers. Many tech developers are self-taught. But educational opportunities have become much more common in the past few decades. Colleges are catching up to the field's rapidly evolving needs. If you want an edge over the competition, it helps to go to school for programming or software knowledge.

College is more accessible than you might think. In addition to applying for federal student loans, you can apply for a loan with a private lender to get your important degree. That's especially helpful if you're an older person with a solid credit score who wants to be more up to date on tech news. Once you've gotten your degree, there are certain habits and background experiences that will give you a new edge. Here's what the most successful developers in the industry are doing.

Writing Clean Code

If you're creating a program just for your own use, your code might get a little messy. But big tech companies look for developers who create clean and easily-tested code. In addition, they want code that can be reused and tweaked without major issues. One recommended starting point is to only give each function one purpose. Otherwise, your code is going to become bloated and extremely difficult to tweak. Altering one aspect of it might break the entire thing. It's also helpful to make sure that all of your functions and variables have clear names. That way, you can easily go through the code and test how each element is working. It's much simpler to find bugs if you know where to look.

Working with Marketing Vision

Programmers and marketers have a lot in common. When they work for companies, their job is to create a product that increases user engagement. Marketers create engaging advertising campaigns, while software developers create mobile apps and websites. It's easy to build the basics of a mobile app if you have a programming background. All you need to know is a few coding languages and some information about A & B testing on smartphones. But do you know how to use that app to drive the engagement the company needs? The best developers do.

If you're creating an app for a company, you need to understand how that company works. You need to understand who their target audience is, how they generate income, and how the app will add to their big picture goals. That remains true no matter whether you're working for a gaming company, eCommerce website, social media app, creative app, or other type of industry. Basically, developers win the game by understanding how their project will impact the consumer market. Their work should go toward increasing the company's market reach and return on investment.

Listening Actively to Others

Being successful isn't all about being the smartest and the most creative. It's also about listening to other members of a team. If you want to create a project with the most impact, you'll need to work with other people to combine the best parts of all of your skills. That's also true when you're working with other developers at a company. You don't want to brush them off and try to take on everything yourself. Instead, listen to what they have to say and consider their ideas. Don't speak until you know that you've internalized what others have to say.

You have to have some level of humility for this. It's important to recognize that sometimes, other people will know more than you do. In turn, you should be willing to keep learning and growing throughout your career. The tech development field changes so frequently that if you stop listening, you'll get lost. Similarly, you'll need to have a certain level of discipline. Coding and testing projects can be exhausting work. You'll likely run into frustration. The best developers are able to put aside their frustration and work diligently through thorny problems that stump others.

About The Author
Jenna Christine

Jenna is a corporate relations specialist with over ten years experience in employee relations and brand development roles. She is a dedicated volunteer within the disability advocacy space, and loves to bake and run marathons.

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