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What Is a Good NFT Collection to Buy?

Having some money you’d like to put into something worthy is a good starting point for investing in NFTs. If you find yourself in this position and want to use cash for something that will pay off in the future and not be a burden, welcome to the crypto world where marketplaces will be selling unique digital pieces of art for cryptocurrency equivalent to thousands or even millions of dollars. 

It’s been several years since the world has gone mad about crypto and NFTs. 

When it became more mainstream, people realized that placing bids on interesting artworks can make them owners of beautiful, funny, and nearly divine assets. But since the very dawn of NFTs, the sphere has expanded so much that now it incorporates even game items, tweets, voice messages, and sketches of 15-year-old teens. The critical thing is picturing it all well and having an idea behind this art. 

NFTs become more and more interactive, with their users getting more freedom to govern their assets and earn by playing crypto games. All of it makes the experience of using NFTs very attractive and, therefore, helps maintain the ongoing relevance of such projects. Therefore, a special place among top NFT collections is given to a type of NFT that goes beyond the usual digital artwork and contains another element. Besides digital interaction, this may be access to a special group of like-minded users or even shares in real companies. 

To summarize the recipe for the success of an NFT project, we can formulate it like this: 

1. The author’s personality.

Sure thing, it has to be well-known or very exceptional, the one who isn’t shy to let the world know about them.

2. Reaching the high price point.

Often, top NFT collections are waiting for months and years to grow in price and gain value depending on how actively buyers invest and when mass investments start. So, it’s often the right moment deciding for how much you can buy this or that NFT (and that’s why one should use ratings of NFT collections to be able to buy the upcoming tokens early).

3. Powerful add-ons.

As we already mentioned, the best NFT collections involve a user in a whole new world of experience. This helps them expand the circle of fans and make everyone feel special.

4. Social media presence and celebrity support.

The top promotion happens if an NFT collection author backs up their work with a strong and united community and has famous people buy their art. Usually, the price of collections is at its highest as soon as celebs come in. 

At the same time, today, it makes little difference whether an NFT collection is based on Ethereum, Polygon, or Solana: their immersive experience and creativity matter most.

In this article, we are going to share some new trending NFT collectibles that you might have overlooked. Let’s get started! 

What Fresh NFT Collections Should I Purchase This Year? List of Average-Priced NFTs for Sale

Here are some NFT drops available for purchasing still at a reasonable price. 

1. Dribblie.

This collection will be perfect for fans of Play 2 Earn, where players can own, stake, or rent NFTs.

The unique feature responsible for the football game’s unprecedented value is that all the remaining assets become more valuable over time. This feature is called deflation and comes into reality through one-of-their-kind staking and earning techniques. There are many ways to earn $100 worth of crypto every day.

2. Space Capsules.

This is one of the top NFT collections that, despite its unique concept and promising future, still can be bought for peanuts. 

An NFT from this collection lets you get a blend of 2 NFTs, resulting in a brand new virtual artwork of an alien. Users get this by purchasing tokens from Space Capsules and Transponders. Once a user collects art pieces from both collections, they can have another unique piece of art (the price isn’t known until it is created). Mostly, you’ll have a rare NFT. 

3. Axie Infinity.

Not to mention that the P2E game is a wonderful pastime, Axie is also among the NFT collections that offer the highest potential for earning. The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and has become extremely popular since the start of lockdown as it’s a fun way to earn crypto coins while having fun. 

Creating and breeding your virtual pets is something users compete in. Still, even if you don’t reach the heights in it, you will get regular rewards in the form of Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potions (SLP). It’s not a luxury collection: many Axies can still be bought for 0,01 ETH.

4. Impermanent Digital.

This is, perhaps, one of the underrated NFT top collections. Like the famous ten thousand Crypto Punks, the set features similar characters with different themes and details. In fact, you might take it for a copy of Crypto Punks at first until you see that the images are distorted. 

Their prices have recently been 0,04-0,05 ETH. Yet, search for more info on whether they are still on that level.

Suppose you want more options for popular NFT collections at affordable prices. In that case, it’s a good idea to see the reliable resource with NFT collections, monitor their prices, add updates on top selling NFT collections, and provide ratings of the best ones currently put for sale.

Finding affordable top NFT sets isn’t the most relaxing task. Still, your efforts will be worth it when you do find one. Further from this resource, you can go to OpenSea, where all sales are available.

About The Author
James Williams

An experienced and avid NFT player, James Williams has an impressive background in blockchain industry, namely NFT. With years of professional activity, NFT expert can share his knowledge with anyone keen on digital assets. Not only hard work and persistence, but also intuition and careful forecasts made James Williams eligible to share his expertise among others. 

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