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  • Dawngamer

    Dawngamer from Czech Republic

    Dawngamer is one man company developing mobile games.

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  • Preparture App

    Preparture App

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  • Second Shift

    Second Shift

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  • Sadik Saidov

    Sadik Saidov

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  • Rogue Factory

    Rogue Factory from Japan

    I love roguelike game.

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  • Ihunda

    Ihunda from France

    HIIT Interval Training App is a simple and efficient timer that will help you stay focused during all your workouts, all you have to do is to follow the sound !

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  • Gaming Chef LTD

    Gaming Chef LTD from Ireland

    Indie Game Developer in Dublin Ireland

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  • Invasion Defense

    Invasion Defense

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  • Totelist, Inc.

    Totelist, Inc.

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  • Josh


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  • Audacity Games

    Audacity Games

    Announcing Political Pitfalls - Path to the White House, a hilarious new political parody game from Audacity Games. Choose your favorite candidate, Donald or Hillary, and help them navigate all 50 states to become the next President of the United States. Each state presents a mind-bending physics puzzle in which the player swipes ropes and removes obstacles, creating a path for their candidate to reach the undecided voters. When a voter is touched by the candidate, he or she is converted to the candidate’s political party. Convert all the voters in a state and unlock the next level. Along the way, avoid scandals, grab campaign contributions and collect Campaign Buttons, animated bloopers featuring a hall of fame of political figures, including Donald, Hillary, Sarah, Ted, Bernie, VP Joe, Pres Obama, Mitt and Pres George W. Earn 3 stars on every state to sweep the nation and propel your candidate to victory.

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  • Act1Corporation

    Act1Corporation from Japan

    I'm an independent game developer.

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  • Fun Frenzy Trivia
  • Easy Translation
  • UniverseV: Star Domination
  • NE-Lite