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  • Pleme Pty Ltd

    Pleme Pty Ltd from Australia

    A BETTER COMMUNITY We have built an online community and app for Croatians and people interested in doing business in Croatia to network globally. The aim of this endeavour is to help local Croatians and the wider diaspora connect and communicate in a dedicated place and foster better connections and create real world change.

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  • Les Bird

    Les Bird from U.S.A.

    Indie developer

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  • Sparris Studio

    Sparris Studio

    Pirate Cracker is a free mobile game. The goal is to find all the treasures to be able to become the Pirate Captain. When you have found the pirate ship you have won, and you will become the Pirate Captain.

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  • Inclr


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  • EvilPumkinCompany


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  • On-Labs


    Prepare your exams on the move with the VCE Exams player app. Currently available for Android and iOS, will also be available soon at the Windows 10 store.

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  • Clover


    Four Leaf Clover New Media was founded in September 2011, including the creation of iDaily Daily Global Vision series, Days Matter penultimate day, daily wallpaper magazine, MyWeek series, MyTools series covering many iOS application life, efficiency, and financial aspects of We are committed to providing improved people's lives, media and technology innovation for more than 40 million Chinese users.

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  • StrikeQuiz


    This amazingly cool gaming phenomenon known as Strike Quiz blends the classic fast-paced action of a trivia game with the unique scoring system of bowling to offer you a rewarding and unrivaled trivia game experience.

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  • Smashbook

    Smashbook from U.S.A.

    Smashbook Tennis Tracker App. Track your tennis scores, stats, friends and foes automatically like a pro. You can track live tennis matches or log completed results, singles and doubles and see professional level statistics over time. Connect to a player and discover even more tennis partners for future matches. Increase your tennis performance and scores by tracking your practice activities and compare them against friends and foes alike with Smashbook. Log three sessions (match or practice) per month for free. Access all of your data, statistics and players for free forever from your private account. Then Go Pro to log unlimited sessions for the cost of a few tennis balls. Smashbook is a data driven social cloud app to bring sophisticated tennis analytics to all players.

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  • Lê Thanh Tuấn

    Lê Thanh Tuấn from Vietnam

    Software Developer

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  • Muhammad Malik

    Muhammad Malik

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  • BrainStation GbR

    BrainStation GbR from Germany

    Founded BrainStation GbR in 2005 by twin brothers Mike and Marco Becker. Since we support our customers as a competent partner in the field of web, e-commerce and mobile development aside.

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  • ZorroSign
  • Poster King - Card Maker
  • Wordoop Word Game
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