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  • Intuiguide

    Intuiguide from France

    Intuiguide is a travel app that uses photos to create itineraries(It's possible to swipe the places like in Tinder). It combines pre-selected waypoints, user preferences and insights to create unique journeys. 

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  • Powervision Games

    Powervision Games from Australia

    Powervision Games, is a small game studio based in Australia. We have been developing mainstream games and educational games for the last 20 Years. Yes you read that right, 20 years.

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  • seninmaceran

    seninmaceran from Turkey

    Are you ready for a real adventure prepared for you? Find clues, solve the game, bomb defused, oh on anyone noticed. Let Your adventure begins ...

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  • Dariusz Szyszka

    Dariusz Szyszka

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  • Lucky Studio

    Lucky Studio from Vietnam

    We publish, develop and outsourcing all iOS, Android applications and games.

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  • Jason Schubert

    Jason Schubert

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    ENSOFT from Canada

    Hey guys, my new gameTriptych is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! Grab it now and give it a shot! Don’t forget to rate/review and share the game with your friends!

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  • webwarrior


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  • RunServer mobile

    RunServer mobile from U.S.A.

    Game is built using own game engine for mobile and desktop platforms and works smoothly on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 and Mac OS X. Game was released in december 2014 on these platforms.

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  • AirportSecurityGames


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  • David Virdefors

    David Virdefors from Sweden

    Indie 2D Game Developer

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  • Erik Gallegos

    Erik Gallegos from U.S.A.

    I love drawing, making comics, gifs and videos. Enjoy my creations and things I find funny or cool. My dream is to make my own games.

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  • Easy Translation
  • UniverseV: Star Domination
  • NE-Lite
  • Jackpot Journey