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  • Audacity Games

    Audacity Games

    Announcing Political Pitfalls - Path to the White House, a hilarious new political parody game from Audacity Games. Choose your favorite candidate, Donald or Hillary, and help them navigate all 50 states to become the next President of the United States. Each state presents a mind-bending physics puzzle in which the player swipes ropes and removes obstacles, creating a path for their candidate to reach the undecided voters. When a voter is touched by the candidate, he or she is converted to the candidate’s political party. Convert all the voters in a state and unlock the next level. Along the way, avoid scandals, grab campaign contributions and collect Campaign Buttons, animated bloopers featuring a hall of fame of political figures, including Donald, Hillary, Sarah, Ted, Bernie, VP Joe, Pres Obama, Mitt and Pres George W. Earn 3 stars on every state to sweep the nation and propel your candidate to victory.

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  • Act1Corporation

    Act1Corporation from Japan

    I'm an independent game developer.

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  • Toni Tran

    Toni Tran

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  • Vibendo


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  • Online Future Ltd

    Online Future Ltd

    Make Easy a platform to manage the service you wish to seek or sell without the need of expensive agents and time consuming administration. Search for free and engage when you wish. Build your portfolio show your good ratings and express yourself, how you want, when you want. Meet easy and easy way to meet and express. Easy ways are the best ways !

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  • WinnerWinner

    WinnerWinner from U.S.A.

    REAL CLAW MACHINES! REAL PRIZES! WinnerWinner is a real live 24/7 claw machine game and arcade app offering high quality prizes and a one of a kind game experience. Play numerous arcade machines, proprietary claw games and endless prizes. Win real high quality prizes and get them delivered to your house!

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    TAQS.IM from U.S.A.

    World-Class Resource For Middle Eastern Music Aficionados Here at TAQS.IM, we’re passionate about Middle Eastern and World sounds. We’re also passionate about musicians, composers, producers, and music lovers. We believe that having great world sounds available and at your fingertips can not only enhance your projects but also enrich your life. That’s why we founded TAQS.IM; a resource where you get curated music, sound libraries, and learning tools. This way, whether you’re a professional musician developing new work, a producer adding effects to your next album, or a listener passionate about this genre – you have everything you need, right when you need it.

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  • ComonGames

    ComonGames from Russia

    The studio was founded in 2014. It has united the realexperts among programmers, 3D- and 2D-artists, script writers, animators, marketing specialists and so on.Three dozen indie-game developers from different parts of Russia and CIS, who have the experience under their belts and great achievementsin front of them, have joined the team.

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  • Graceful Games

    Graceful Games from U.S.A.

    Graceful Games is a small indie video game development studio founded by Kevin Yarmosh. Creator of Parsecs for iPhone.

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  • Jan Andreas

    Jan Andreas

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  • Little cookie apps

    Little cookie apps

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  • Soft-Studio K.K.

    Soft-Studio K.K. from Japan

    · IOS / Android app development

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