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The Emerging Fashion App Market: Where Mobile Apps and Fashion Experts Combine

Thousands of new apps emerge every day. New types of apps emerge as more and more industries become digitized.

Fitness apps replace personal trainers and gym memberships. Mobile games compete with console gaming. The fashion industry is the latest to take advantage of these mobile apps.

For fashion experts and enthusiasts alike, there are hundreds of new ways to use mobile apps. Once you use shops like the one at getcasely.com to style your phone, it’s time to use your phone to help style the rest of you. Shopping, selling custom pieces, and even styling a look can all be done with the help of an app.

Here are some of the major fashion app categories in 2019.

Online Shopping

Perhaps the most well-known type of app is the online store. Sites like Amazon, Target, and large clothing retailers use mobile apps. These allow clients to purchase or browse their inventory online. Whatever type of clothing you need, you can find it in a mobile app.

The benefits of online shopping are that you can easily compare prices, and that apps often allow for huge savings. You can also monitor the balance of gift cards, shop for off-season specifics easily, and schedule delivery on your timetable.

In-person fashion retailers are now having to strategize how they attract clients. The experience of visiting a store must now be a major factor in marketing. Why else would you leave the house when you can get everything you need online?

In this way, mobile apps are changing both the online and in-person clothing shopping experience. They make it easy for these companies to reach new clients. They entice them to purchase in bulk to avoid costly shipping fees.

Selling Custom Outfits

Mobile shops aren’t just for big businesses. Individual experts and fashion retailers can create their own apps or sell on fashion marketplace apps.

Many mobile applications are arising with the specific intent of being a marketplace where small individual designers can sell their pieces to clients. These are likely to be custom pieces or small-batch, handmade items.

Those just getting started in the industry used to have to head to flea markets or sell to larger chains. Now they can simply set up a post on one of these shopping apps to get their clothing seen by millions. They can begin to cultivate grassroots following without having to expend a massive part of their budget on marketing.

Establishing a brand and selling to a large audience has never been easier than with the advent of these mobile applications.

Digital Stylist

Beyond simply buying and selling, some apps can work with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Stylists used to be for celebrities and the rich. Nowadays, anyone can use a personal stylist with these styling apps.

You pay for an expert to work with the clothes you have and recommend new pieces for your wardrobe. The biggest difference of doing this in real life versus online is price. This is an affordable and innovative solution to how expensive many of these services regularly are.

The Bottom Line

Whether someone is a fashion lover, an expert, or a designer, mobile apps are changing the landscape of the industry. Stylists are more accessible and affordable than ever, and anyone can buy and sell their designs online with new app offerings.

To know the fashion industry is to understand the importance of these applications. Mobile apps aren’t just for children’s games and step counting anymore. They are changing the way we do our jobs and the way we interact with the fashion marketplace.

About The Author
Russell Emmental

Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.

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