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Important Tips For Hiring an App Developer

Nowadays almost every business is realizing the importance of mobile apps for the development of their company. The rapid growth of the usage of mobile app pushes the organization to develop its app for connecting them with more customers. So if you want to develop a mobile app for your business, the difficult part is to choose the best app development company according to your requirements. There are a number of mobile app development companies in the market that offers the best services, which makes it more difficult for startups and big enterprises to choose among them. Here are some important tips for hiring an app development to ensure that you make the right decision:

1. Competitor Research

Competitor analysis is the most important point to be considered while hiring an app development company. Every business organization has many competitors in the market and if they already use the mobile application then you should need to do deep research on them to get some idea on what features and the functionality of the app they offer. You can also research on similar type of app available in the market, that you want to develop. The research helps you to know the type of feature required and what should be avoided in the app. So that you can hire the best app development company according to your requirements.

2. Portfolio of company

Portfolio of a company is a brief description of all the projects that were successfully completed by the team. So before you hire an app development company ask for their client portfolio. Generally, it is available on the website of companies but in case it is not there you can ask them to share so that you can check their clients and real project reports. A portfolio not only displays the type of project but also includes the skills, Technology, and Process that use to accomplish the project. when you shortlist some companies to hire, comparing their portfolio is an important tip to know on which type of app they worked that helps you to finalize the app development company.

3. Focus on Quality

According to Piyush Jain, founder of Simpalm, while hiring an app development company, clients need to be more focus on quality rather than price because applications are developed for better customer experience so you should not compromise with the quality of your application. When you start searching for a company for app development in the market you will find a number of app development companies that offer different prices for the same specification. Everybody likes cheap services but in case of app development, you will think more about future profit rather than the initial cost.    

4. Check Reviews

Reviews play a most important and useful part while hiring an app development company. Reviews of a company are original and genuine given by its past clients so we can trust them while analyzing the company work. Reviews may be positive or negative so we will check all the reviews given by the different clients to have a clear idea about the company. We can also talk to their past clients to get valuable suggestions.

5. The software development process

The type of software development process followed by the development team is the most important point to be considered while hiring an app development company. The cost of development and time taken to develop an app is depending upon the development process the developer uses. The development process available is the Waterfall method, Spiral method, V-shaped model, Agile process, etc. So you have to choose the best software development process.

Most of the company uses the Agile process over other processes so that they can deliver the app in less time and have quick problem-solving features. Therefore you should first talk to the developer about the development process before hiring.

6. Post App Development services

Every organization wants to hire a company that offers post-app development services. The project of app development doesn't finish when the app is completed but it also includes feature upgradations, Bug fixing, minor changes, etc. Some app development companies offer a complete package that includes all services, some offer few services in their package and some don't offer such services and charged extra for that. So first you should ask the development company for full documentation of their services that includes all the details like Features, Architecture, Development process, Cost and Manpower required to avoid confusion when you want to do some modifications in the future to your app and developer charge extra for that.

7. App Platforms

Selecting the type of platform you want to develop your app is the most difficult task, this depends upon the type of business and audience you want to target.

There are two major platforms iOS and Android, to develop your app if you want to target a larger audience. The development process for both platforms is very different. Most of the developers are specialized in one of the platforms. If you want your app for both platforms, go for the hybrid app development process that also reduces the cost of development. So while hiring an app development company you should know whether the company makes a dedicated app for separate platforms or develop hybrid apps.

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I am a technical research analyst based in the Washington DC area. I write about the latest technologies, startups, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. My thought leadership includes Startups innovation, small business technology, start-up success, mobile app innovation, mobile strategy, mobile product development, Digital Strategy, cloud technology, emerging technologies, Io T, wearable technology, Bluetooth technology, data analytics, lean development strategy. I have written on medium, your story, edublog, LinkedIn, Tech council and several other online media. I have been writing for the last 10 years and can be really valuable to you.

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