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Keys to Make an Amazing Business Based On an Application

When it comes to your small business, does it appear like you’re treading water progressing towards your goals? Of course, every entrepreneur wants to have a profitable and successful business, but how to get there is not always clear. Indeed, times have changed and it’s of the essence for any business to adapt to the latest tech developments fast.

If you may have noticed, iPhone apps and other mobile apps are taking the world by storm. Furthermore, the majority of business persons who are forward-thinkers are taking advantage of the mobile apps phenomenon to boost their business further. Moreover, the mobile app development field is exploding.

Android app development and iOS app development continue to grow; despite the health crisis the world is facing nowadays. Businesses today could make an amazing business based on an application. If you want your brand to be more profitable than ever, then a mobile app could greatly help you.

Keys to Grow Your Business with an App

How should you monetize the use of mobile apps? In what ways would you use apps better to give you’re a competitive edge? The following are tips that help you grow your brand by leaps and bounds and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Build a customer loyalty program within your application

The key to drawing more customers is by providing value since business is all about reciprocation. You would want your customers to grow their interaction with your brand and for that, you should offer a level of value that they could not get somewhere else. A great way of doing this is making a loyalty program within your application.

How does this kind of app work in your favor? For instance, a mobile app that means the more customers engage with your brand, the more points they collect could help encourage more customer interaction, particularly if the points could add up to free items or discounts.

To make your app very effective, consider surveying your customers to determine the rewards that they prefer. This will not only enable you to gain valuable information to improve your brand and your offerings but also would make your customers feel more appreciated, which could greatly help boost engagement and revenue. Furthermore, to promote your app in the first place, you have to send your customer an app link that’s easy and simple.

2. Smartly managing your finances and assets

You have to manage your assets and finances accurately if you want to sustain it for a long time. In your internal business mobile app, you can have an asset management feature that could be very handy for your company when it comes to helping you effectively manage your finances.

For instance, some features offer tracking of your payment and expense, invoicing, receipt scanning, and so on. The feature could enable you to easily manage and update your assets on the go. You could get the most out of your limited resources at hand.

By managing your assets properly, you can be sure that nothing remains idle for long, and nothing will go missing. Additionally, you could associate appointments, tasks, notes, reminders, checklists, and so on.

3. Nurture leads and creates customer relationships

In this world of rapid growth and increasing visibility demands, creating a healthy customer relationship has become spectacularly important for every business. Thus, for faster sales, you could have a mobile customer relationship management application developed by your mobile app development company partner like eTatvaSoft. A proper CRM system is paramount in today’s extremely competitive age.

A mobile customer relationship management app is very efficient since it provides access to critical information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Moreover, it’s a terrific tool to simplify the management of your business contacts. With the help of a CRM app, you could integrate various information in terms of your prospects, customers, and leads, all in one place.

4. Integrating Your App with Social Media Channels

As a startup, you should not overlook the relevance of social media. Through the years, it has become an important factor for the success of a small business. 8 out of 10 small and medium-sized brands prefer social media as their marketing channel.

Thus, you require an app that enables customers to reach you all the time. You need to sync your app to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts. By doing this, you could have a clear mileage on your marketing efforts and your overall growth story.

The social media integration in apps trend has recently picked up and proving to be a game-changer. Meaning that now there are a lot of extensions that could integrate your app to your social media channels. Social media integration furthermore provides features, including all social media accounts all-in-views, keyword monitoring and listening, ways of engaging with others, and further analysis and recommendations—all are beneficial for a startup.

5. Effective Geo-Targeting

Easily, you can target your major consumers with time-sensitive and location-specific features in your mobile application. By integrating the geo-location technology into your mobile app, you’ll be able to send your customers close to your physical stores’ special offers.

With this approach, you can cut your expenses, narrow down your focus, and deliver targeted ads to your customers at the right place and time. Moreover, you can display deals and coupons to nearby prospective users or help them find your brand by directly advertising on a map.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, you could boost loyalty via your app by sending your customers who have not been around for the past months with special offers.

6. Create a robust brand

A strong brand presence, as you know is extremely critical for business growth. If correctly designed, your app could be a cost-effective and powerful branding tool for your small business or startup. One of the most important things that your mobile app offers to the target customers is communication and awareness of your brand.

The regular engagement and interaction with your customers help in fostering credibility and trust. The logic is pretty straightforward. The more customers trust you, then the more likely they could be poked through your sales funnel. With an interactive application, you could demonstrate to your users why exactly they should trust. you.

For this, you have to create a ‘splash page’, which provides users with critical information on how the app will behave. With a properly written and well-designed splash page, you demonstrate to your users what your business stands for and how you could help your consumers.

The Indispensable Mobile App

The Indispensable Mobile App

A mobile app is a terrific marketing tool that businesses of all shapes and sizes need to get ahead of the competition. We live in a digitally smart world, and more than 80 percent of people who have mobile phones and devices look for products and services through the web. Of the 80 percent, 27 percent of mobile apps searches are connected to the service or products that they want to acquire.

The continuous technology evolution has greatly affected people’s day-to-day lives. And with the continuous change comes a drastic change in how they shop for products and services. The internet has made shopping for just about anything that people need convenient, easy, and fast.

For your brand to thrive and stay on the competitive edge all the time, a mobile app is a great investment to help your business grow and expand.


A business mobile app has a big potential of changing the fortunes of a small business or a startup. If you have not yet launched your business mobile app, then it’s high time you do.

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Emma James is a Technical Geek. She has expertise in cloud computing, data science, entrepreneurship and project management. Currently, she is working in web & mobile app development company - etatvasoft.com. she likes to play chess and explore new places. Also, she’s a person with high spirit and fond of social activities.

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