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Featured Android & iOS Apps of March 2017 - TheGreatApps

With so many applications on Google Play Store and App Store, it's difficult to find Best Android Apps or Best iOS Apps. It's impossible to keep track of apps which are released every day.

As we have the several months now, today we are showing you some best new apps of last month March 2017. In order to help you to find best new apps that you've missed in last month, we picked some best apps and make a Featured Android & iOS Apps of March 2017.

These are the most exciting Android and iOS apps, so check out these apps and see what you missed!

Fake Trump Tweets

Fake Trump Tweets is a very interesting iOS app. We can say that it's one of the best iOS apps for making fake tweets. Yes, this app allows you to create Fake Donald Trump tweets.

You can troll Trump, by exercising your constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and fair use. Prank your friends, family, and have them scratching their heads and guessing - Did he really just say that? Haha, you never know!

Fake Trump Tweets

You can compose unlimited tweets and also adjust date & time of the tweets. So, it?s awesome! Download Fake Trump Tweets and get fun with your friends and family. You can read some more features of Fake Trump Tweets.



Point2.me is a location which helps you to share your location with your friends and places where you want to be seen without even touching your phone. So, your friends and family can see where you are at your favorite hangout, or your parents can see that you got home from school safely. This is the best Android & iOS app. Point2.me doesn't track your every move because it's not using GPS.

Instead, Point2.me senses when your phone connects to WiFi. When it does, it will ask you if you would like to be seen at this location. If you agree then any time your phone connects to that WiFi you will be shown as in that location. If you decline, then nothing will happen when you connect.


Point2.me is the best android and iOS app which allows you to make of it what you want. Let your friends know when you're at work, home, or any restaurant or bar, or just show a few people when you're in one or two different locations. Read more about Point2.me App.


Couple Karma

Couple Karma is the best couple app that will help you and your partner find more love, romance, and happiness in your relationship together. Whatever you have in mind, Couple Karma is the couples' app that will help you and your partner to make your relationship wishes actually come true.

Couple Karma will work in the same way for both partners. Each wish has a short title, e.g. 'Take me out to dinner', and you can also add a more in-depth description or a photo. If you want to chat about a wish, you can start a message thread.

Couple Karma

It is the best android app. Read how Couple Karma app works here. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and download this new app Couple Karma.



Are you a musician? Then Vampr is the best app for you. It helps you to discover, connect and collaborate with musicians, industry players and music lovers alike. Here you can find a guitarist, singer, producer for your latest project. So, it's a really best app.


Find the best musicians in the industry and take an audition for your upcoming project. You can also chat with friends using this amazing Android and iOS app. Just download the app and create your own music profile with Soundcloud and YouTube clips so your look and sound are heard. Play Together. Click to know more about Vampr...


With this, we come to an end of best new apps of March 2017. Let me clear one thing that is Best of March 2017 doesn't mean these applications were released in March 2017. It means you might be not knowing about these best new apps of last month.

So, download and get experience at once. And if you?re looking for our other recent picks, our February 2017 list has a lot of goodness on tap, too. You can also Submit Your Own Apps & Games here and get a huge response from our millions of users. Any query regarding this, feel free to Contact Us.

What are your new favorite android apps that you've come across in the last month? Let us know in the comment section below. If you think I missed any Best New Apps that deserve to be in the list of March 2017, feel free to comment below.

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