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Featured Android & iOS Apps of December 2016 - TheGreatApps


Don't Miss These Best Apps of December 2016

2016 is gone! But we listed Best Apps of December 2016. There are lots of Apps and Games are available on Play Store and App Store but it is very difficult to Find Best Apps & Games.

Check out the list of Best Apps of December 2016. We picked the best apps from different categories. So you may like it.

iCareFone - Remove in-app and Browser ads

iCareFone – Remove in-app and Browser ads is the Best Ads Blocker App. This app will block Safari Ads including banners & pop-ups, and intrusive ads. It will also help you to block App Ads, especially in games. So advertisement will not disturb you. We know that advertising are very annoying and it is everywhere nowadays.

iCareFone - Remove in-app and Browser ads

People get irritate with this so download iCareFone app it is the Best Ads Blocker App. It will give you a cleaner and smoother Safari browser. And also advertisement will not disturb you. It helps to save your data use and battery life. It is top on Best Apps of December 2016. Know more about iCareFone App...


MegaCast - Chromecast player

Mega Cast – Chromecast Player is the first Chromecast player which comes with real-time transcoding support. It goes ever further than the possible, and it CAN even PLAY files that Chromecast doesn't support. No restrictions, no delay. MegaCast is the most powerful Chromecast player at the moment.

MegaCast - Chromecast player

Play any video/audio/image format without any restrictions via your Chromecast device. MegaCast - Chromecast player is listed in the Best Apps of December 2016. It comes with many unique features. Read more about this amazing MegaCast App...


EDM - Browse and Receive Files

EDM – Browse and Receive Files is a powerful, flexible and elegant download manager app which allows you to download files to your device directly from Safari, Chrome or other browsers and even some apps via exclusive extension, which gives you desktop experience on downloading file.

Downloading progress will continue in the background, when even when you lock your device. It is easy to use and can handle many types of files. EDM features 7 different color themes including night mode which comes with simple fluent and standard user interface (UI).

EDM - Browse and Receive Files

This amazing app supports Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Dolphin, Twitter, and others. EDM – Browse and Receive Files app is one of the Best Apps of December 2016. Click here to know more about EDM – Browse and Receive Files app...


Once - Handpicked matches

Once – Handpicked matches app is the only dating app that brings you handpicked quality matches every day. Trust our matchmakers to find THE one for you. It is a free dating app, just try it now. Every day at noon you get matches that are specifically picked for you by our matchmakers and you have 24 hours to decide if you want to give it a go – 24 hours of full attention, yes my friend.

Once - Handpicked matches

Here you can get a full attention for a day. You will get 24 hours attention from matches chosen specifically for you. This is the best app to find the perfect match for you. Once is the only dating app that listens to your heart. It will tell you if you really like him or her! Your heart never lies. That's why it is in Best Apps of December 2016. Read here more about Once App...


InstaLike.s Get 5000 Free IG Likes for Instagram

Everyone wants to famous on Instagram nowadays. It's very simple to get Instagram likes and followers using InstaLike.s Get 5000 Free IG Likes for Instagram App. Are you looking for Instagram likes, comments, and followers? Then this app is best for you.

You just need to complete three simple steps and as a result, you will get Instagram likes. The three steps are:

  • Like others' photos on Instagram and earn coins
  • Collect as many coins you can and use them for buying real Instagram likes
  • More you earn the coins, more will be the number of Instagram likes and followers

So now being popular on Instagram is no more difficult. Well, the app is reliable and safe. No other app provides such a simple and fast method for earning likes on Instagram. This app is one of the Best Apps of December 2016. It is free to download so try this amazing Instagram app. Know more about InstaLike.s Get 5000 Free IG Likes for Instagram App...


MTA Family

Experts agree, as their toddler's 1st teacher, family involvement is critical in early childhood development. Then why would you give up your teacher role to a cartoon character on an iPad App? MTA Family allows families to customize the app to their toddler and then control, create and host the content, maintaining their 1st teacher status on an iPad.

This app makes it easy for a parent to add a family member's photo and voice to be used to teach your Toddler to first associate a text name to a person and ultimately to help them learn to spell. And the family member's voice will tell their Toddler how to spell their name while it displays across the screen one letter at a time.

MTA Family

You can also customize to your Toddler and add an unlimited number of family members including pets. MTA Family is also in Best Apps of December 2016. Click to know more MTA Family...


Inspirational Daily Quotes

Inspirational Daily Quotes is an incredible collection of engaging and motivational quotes and wallpapers for life, success and self-improvement to inspire you every day. It provides new, positive and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated each and every day of the year.

The amazing android app is very easy to navigate and use, just swipe and read more quotes. The best thing is that you can also save your quotes and set notifications for up to 3 times a day. Customize these daily inspirational quotes by adding beautiful background wallpapers and salutations before sharing them with your loved ones.

Inspirational Daily Quotes

So spread positivity by sharing meaningful quotes via social media, text or email with sharing feature. Inspirational Daily Quotes is one of the Best Apps of December 2016. Know More Inspirational Daily Quotes App...


NewsTab Reader

An ultimate news reader for international readers is NewsTab Reader. It is supporting top news in over 130 regions and languages, and sync across all your devices. NewsTab is a single place to read and share the news you care about from the publishers you love (Global & Local).

It is the best place to follow popular news topics so find and follow international & local news sources in over 130 regions and languages worldwide. You can also create your own with Google News Topics and Google Alerts. NewsTab is in Best Apps of December 2016.

NewsTab Reader

The beautiful newsreader app NewsTabsupports any RSS feed and seamlessly integrates with Google News and Twitter, making it super-easy to follow any news topics, hashtag, blog, newspaper, magazine or website. It supports video news and podcasts. Click Here to Know More NewsTab Reader...


File Manager

File Manager is the best app for manage your file efficiently and easily. File Manager (File Explorer) allows you to copy, move, rename, delete or share files to and from any of your storages. It is a light and smooth file explorer which is based on Material Design guidelines. File Manager comes with multiple themes with cool icons.

File Manager

So choose a material color that suits you. It supports all android devices. File Manager is also in Best Apps of December 2016. Well, the app is available on Android only. It is only app to show Folder Size. However, it comes with many new features. Read More about File Manager...


ASMI (Automated SMS/MMS Intelligence™)

ASMI (Automated SMS/MMS Intelligence™) is a Professional Marketing Automation Application for Android. It is a user-friendly and highly intelligent mobile application. ASMI simplifies your marketing campaigns while reaching thousands of customers on their mobile devices with a touch of a button.

Here you can take a group messaging to the next level with communication that is more successful than e-mail marketing. The amazing app features group messaging, intelligent Auto-Reply and campaigns. It comes with message templates so if you want to reuse the message then you can reuse with a single click.


So this is best marketing app which makes your marketing life easier. In fact, you can set a time for send messages, so you can send messages exactly when you want. That's why it is one of the Best Apps of December 2016. It is really helpful app. Click Here to Know More...


Happy New Year Photo Frames 2017

One of the best photo frame apps is Happy New Year Photo Frames 2017. Here is the great collection of photo frames. We all are celebrating New Year and it is a great festival for worldwide and everyone wants to wish their dear ones. You can create a photo story in a special New Year Frames using this app and share to your friends and relatives.

It has special and attractive Happy New Year Frames collection. You can apply the different color effect on text and also add text on created frames. The app is very easy to use and comes with amazing designs with easy interface. So decorate your pics and share it with your friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail, and other social media options.

Happy New Year Photo

Happy New Year Photo Frames 2017 is one of the popular and Best Apps of December 2016. Check out for more details about Happy New Year Photo Frames 2017 App...


So these are the Featured Best Apps of December 2016. You can also share your best picks in comments. We are eager to know your thoughts.

You can also Submit Your Own Apps & Games here and get a huge response from our millions of users. Any query regarding this, feel free to Contact Us. So download these apps, we would love to hear about which Best Apps of December 2016 you consider to be the best ones in the comments below!

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