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How to Find Best Android Apps from Play Store

Tips to Find Best Android Apps from Play Store:

Choosing the best apps & games from the app store is very difficult so today we’re going to discuss how to find Best Android Apps from Google Play Store. Almost people are using smartphone nowadays. It makes our lives easier. And the all credit goes to Mobile Applications which are improving our lives in the way we never even think about.

You can do lots of things using your smartphones such as maintain your body using mobile apps. It can also detect earthquakes. Also, you can boost your brain. Developers are always trying to provide Best Android Apps but people are downloading the only apps which are helpful.

It’s challenging to choose an original and right app for your Android phones. Because many applications are available on Play Store but only a few apps are successful. Well, here we discussed some things which you have to consider when you are finding the best apps. Let’s see how do we find the Best Android Apps from Google Play Store?

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Let's See What Considers When We Install Apps on Our Device:

As we said that Play Store is full of apps & games so it’s tough to Find the Best Android Apps from Google Play Store. With so many applications on Play Store can cause confusion among people on which app to install as all of them will do the same kind of thing, but they may be different performance, functionality and feature wise. So, these tips will definitely help you to choose the right mobile app.

Look Editor's Choice Badge

Have you ever see the Editor’s Choice Badge in mobile apps? It highlights the Best Android Apps and gives users the additional level of trust and confidence. The Google Play editorial staff honors developers for their outstanding innovation and quality. Google provides some general insights into the criteria they look for when awarding the Editor's Choice Badge. So, when you are downloading the apps consider Editor’s choice badge.

Editor's Choice Badge

Look for the Top Developer Badge

Google Play Store gives Top Developer Badge to the developers who are developing and launching high-quality and innovative applications. See this pic, the blue icon next to the application is a Top Developer Badge. So, look the badge first. These kind of apps are Best Android Apps.

Top Developer Badge

Read App Permissions

The little screen contains permissions. You can see it when you click on Install button and most of us just swipe away. The app permissions provide a list of what the app will have access to once accept. It's important to read and try to scrutinize why an app needs certain permissions. If anything seems untoward, do not tap the accepted button. So, read the App Permissions.

Top Developer Badge

Ratings and Reviews

Check the ratings and review before the download apps. Make sure you are downloading the only apps which stars are closer to five. Reviews and ratings are the matter more than you think. So, don’t forget to read the customers reviews. If any apps are closer to five stars, the higher the chances that they are quality apps. The Best Android Apps generally have rated more than 4 (out of 5) and have more positive reviews than negative. So, it’s important to look how many users have rated the app because ratings and reviews decide how popular the app is.

Top Developer Badge

Look at the Additional Information

Don’t forget that you want the best android apps from Google Play Store. So, it’s important to look at the additional information such as the number of times the app is downloaded, the date on the app is updated, a number of installs or you can also check the developer’s website. Yeah, all these things will help you to know about the app popularity and whether it is being regularly updated or not for bug fixes and improvements.

Final Words:

So, these are the things which you have to consider before the downloading mobile apps. There might be a couple of similar apps that have similar ratings and reviews so at that time download the app one by one and test them. I mean compare features and see how much battery and memory they are consuming. So, after the test and analysis, choose the right mobile app.

If you have more knowledge about how to find the best mobile apps, feel free to tell us in the comment section below. Also, you can submit your own Apps here. Get a huge response from our millions of users by showcasing your talent. Click here to Submit Your Apps and Games. If you have any query regarding this then Contact Us.

Hope now you can easily find out Best Android App from Google Play Store!

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