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Best Internet Speed Checker Apps for Android

The internet revolution is like a flood that comes and sweeps away everything with it. Internet took the world by storm and it has now become a necessity. It may have been a want in the beginning but it is now a need for every member of the house. It consumes everyone and makes no exceptions. As the technology grew in age, quality and scope, productivity increased but so did the problems.

The Internet needs to be fluid as the running water. This requires an ISP that is reliable and consistent. This reliability and consistency varies and has multiple factors that contribute to it. First off would be the type of internet connection that you have. The connection type depends on your location. Densely populated areas have cable internet options like Charter Communications Rochester MN. Rural areas have less demand so the infrastructure costs become a hindrance for cable internet service providers. Satellite internet becomes a natural choice. Reviews.org ranks Viasat as the best satellite ISP. Convenient and consistent you might think. Wait, that’s not entirely true and every internet connection comes with a shortfall of its own. Cable internet and satellite internet are only two amongst many other types of internet connections available.

Whatever choice you make it is likely to affect the quality of service you receive. The quality of service depends on multiple factors but reliability and speed are the ones that outweigh the rest. Speed refers to the data rate at which you can upload and download files, music, images, etc. How do you know what speeds you get? Simply run a speed test and you will have the actual speeds you receive. Head to your bill and look for the speeds you have been promised. How do you measure internet speeds? Here are a few android apps that can help you look for the truth.

1. Speedtest (By Ookla)

It is by far the most famous speed testing service. It is also one of the founders of the speed testing websites. The smart evolution meant communication and connectivity through mobile phones. Every consumer engaging website shifted to apps and so did speedtest.net. Speed test is developed by Ookla and it is simple to use.

It offers you Ping test results as well as upload and download speeds. Not satisfied with the results? It even gives you the option to change servers before the test. It helps you get more accurate results.

Google Play store stars: 4.5

Installs: 1.06 million

2. Fast Speed Test

Next item to gauge your ISP's promises is Fast Speed Test. It is developed by Netflix. The very platform that consumes the internet and provides you with entertainment. They are amongst the pioneers of streaming services. It is difficult for anyone to gauge speeds better than them. They have been where they consume speeds it is now time that they provide you with a tool that lets you test what's real.

Google Play store stars: 4.5

Installs: 9.3k

3. Meteor

Meteor is an interesting app that tests your internet speeds and offers a little more. Gauging ping, measuring download and upload speeds is too mainstream. Meteor offers options like checking your network quality and checks your internet connection to ensure there are no interruptions. This is just the beginning!

Looking to share a post on Facebook or tweet a thought? Open meteor and check the speeds, know before you go ahead to post and face frustration afterwards. All right, let’s get a little serious, time to put things into perspective. Who checks speeds before posting something on a social media website? Streaming requires real speed. Meteor has just that for you. It offers YouTube speed testing that assists you to measure streaming speeds for you. It will give you real-life speeds you get instead of expected speeds. Keep it real and expect a little more!

Google Play store stars: 4.8

Installs: 45k

4. Speedcheck

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test is a unique app that lets you test your cellular network and a regular internet connection. You can check your internet for latency with ping. It offers upload and download speed capabilities like any other app. It offers all this on 3G, 4G, LTE networks and internet connection including DSL, ADSL, and cable internet connections.

What is different that this app has to offer? It can do all that and keep a track of your test history. It will let you keep the ping test results to view later. It also keeps a record of your upload and download speeds so that you can check for any throttling at specific hours of the day. The question here arises, what if you run a test on a different network or a different Wi-Fi device? Here the great thing, it will not only remember the results but it will also keep track of the networks you tested. Effective and smart!

Google Play store stars: 4.6

Installs: 326k

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Nathan John works as a Content Editor at CharterBundleDeals.com. He has seven years of experience as Content Writer and he contributes to various online communities.

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