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Google Introducing and Announcing the new Certification of Agencies as part of Google Developers Agency Program

The Last year December 2015, Google have shared initial plans to offer a unique plan to software development agencies working on mobile application.

The "Development Agencies" now apply and registered to be a Google Developers Certified Agency. Google has looking for a number of factors and expertise in Google technologies. an try to closely with development agencies in the world and help them to build a high quality user experiences.

Past few months Google, the program hundreds of Agencies and Google successfully launched this program in a number of countries including UK, India, Russia, USA, Canada and Indonesia.

This program has been started specifically for software development agencies, because software development agencies know how to work and important in the software development agency.

If you are interested to applying for certification, so first you have to sign up for the Google Developers Certified Agencies program here.

Program Benefits

  • Training on latest Google APIs technologies.
  • Events specially designed for software development agencies.
  • Recognition and showcase opportunities to new software development agencies.
  • Participation in Early Access programs
  • UX reviews for mobile application.
  • New: Google Developers Agency Program Certification of software development Agencies

The list of Certification of Agencies first set of certified agencies Agencies is available here.

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