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The Secrets of Your Android Smartphone You Must Know

Android versus iPhone: it’s the ever continuing debate. While iPhones certainly birthed smartphones into existence, the Android operating system has definitely paved the way for complete smartphone customization and versatility. Knowing how to tweak and optimize your Android experience is key to getting the full experience from your phone.

Here are the secrets of your Android smartphone that you must know.

1. You can cast your screen

What you do on your phone doesn't have to be experienced in the small screen that you're used to looking at. You can actually broadcast what you're seeing on your screen to other devices, such as a television screen using a Chromecast, or a smart television. This can allow you to quickly access videos on YouTube or other websites to show to your friends without having to fuss about with cables. It's a pretty neat way to integrate all of your technology in a few easy steps.

2. Your smartphone might be network locked

If you got your new phone from a cell phone provider, then chances are your phone is locked to their network. This can be extremely inconvenient, particularly if you are an avid traveler who likes to save money by picking up local SIM cards when you travel. This isn’t just an Android problem, though. You can check if iPhone is unlocked by inserting another carrier SIM into your phone. If it is locked, you can contact your carrier to unlock the device. Usually, you can do this quickly and easily online, and it may also be free to do.

3. Run apps in split screen mode

Smartphone screen sizes have been steadily increasing over recent years. This means you can perform your daily tasks with more ease. However, some people may find that having one app utilize these huge screens is a little overkill. For that reason, Android smartphones have enabled the option to allow apps to run side by side. This means you can have Facebook open while you're watching a YouTube video without having to switch between apps or close anything. Using this feature, you can really perform the multitasking that you want to do.

4. Disable your lock screen at home

The lock screen is a very useful security feature that requires a pin code or a swipe pattern to unlock your phone, meaning that if anyone gets their hands on your phone they can’t get into it without knowing your code. This protects you from theft or prying eyes, however having to put the pin code in yourself over and over can get tiresome. Android phones have a smart lock feature that enables you to have instant access to your phone when you’re at home, saving you time but also keeping your security in mind.

Smartphones have given us a lot of convenience in our daily lives, from note taking to performing routine tasks and keeping us in communication with our friends and family. However, smartphones have far more uses than we typically know about, and understanding all the things our smartphones can do can help us work to our fullest ability. Try and incorporate some of these tricks into your smartphone usage and see how your productivity can grow!

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Allen Brown

Keen writer covering a range of topics such as Internet marketing, SEO and more! When not writing, he's found behind a drum kit and he loves travelling as well.

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