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Best Legitimate Mobile Apps To Make Money

Today's generation, expenses are getting high; that's why many people are looking for an additional stream of income. But with their limited time, they can't apply for another job that requires you to be physically present.

Good news! You may now earn on the side with just a tap of your hands even if you are on your full-time job. Through this, you might also get those iconic watches you have been eyeing for months now. We got you the best mobile apps that can help you earn extra.


They recently raised $44 million in investor money because they are doing something that makes people interested. You get a cashback from the money you'd most likely be spending at a hotel, at restaurants, and other companies they have partnered with. Other than cashback, you can also make money through their affiliate program.

Every time that you sign up and add a new payment method, you would get a $1 sign up fee and $5 referral fee for signing other people up to the Dosh app. Dosh is overgrowing, which means they will continuously be adding new companies, features, and ways to earn cashback for you.

Google Opinion Rewards

You know anything developed by Google is 100% legit. Initially launched as a mobile survey app for IOS and Android developed by Google. All they require you to do is answer surveys and get paid and receive rewards.

Answer a few basic questions, and you can get paid for voicing your opinions. Your opinion and feedback are incredibly valuable to Google and other large companies. They will be paying you for it to improve their user experience and their products.


It is an American online job hunting mobile app that allows you to get paid by giving your helping hand. It will enable consumers to demand help with minimal daily tasks like delivery work, moving, or cleaning.

Technical skills won't be needed at all to qualify for these kinds of jobs. All you need is to be available when there is a task being asked. Make sure you get notified so that you can get it first once there are any tasks.


It lets you upload pictures from your smartphone and get paid to do that. There are thousands of companies around the world that continuously need royalty-free images of their products and services.

Most companies don't hire full-time photographers and crowdsourcing. If the company likes the photo, they will buy it from you. Most pictures on FOAP sell for around $10, and they give you a 50% commission.

Field Agent

An app that deploys shoppers to get their opinion and get paid to do so. Available entirely for free to download. A map will appear, and available jobs in that area nearby will pop up. Randomly, some of the tasks will appear like ask you to go to a store and take a picture of a specific product.

The reason why the company pays you to do those kinds of jobs is that they want to witness how their products or services are being displayed. It generally takes 15-20 minutes to complete and get paid $3 to $12 per task.


Get started if you want actually to make money. Make sure you pick an online money-making strategy that you are going to have fun doing, and you are willing to do it until you make it work.

Don't always bounce from one thing to the next because what mostly happens is you don't do any of them well, which results in you are not making money from them successfully. Focus on one thing one at a time. Start now. Do your research beforehand. And stick with one thing until you make it work.

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