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Why Progressive Web Apps Are Transforming the Mobile Experience

Today is the age of digital evolution, but what exactly does this mean? The way we utilize technology has changed a lot in the past few years. From doing day to day tasks through laptops or computers to everything being done through just a tap on mobile phones. Mobile phones have provided comfort to the users from ordering groceries to managing businesses online everything is possible through mobile phones. 

Thanks to evolution, to further enhance the user experiences Progress web apps are introduced which will have the characteristics of both the website and an application. Without having to go through the hassle of downloading an app you can get a similar experience through a website.

During the Covid-19 crisis, a major increase has been recorded in the development of progressive web applications as many businesses around the world went online due to lockdowns. 

The birth of the Progressive web app is completely transforming the mobile experience today, to understand how the mobile experience is changing it is important to know what is a Progressive web app.

What are Progressive web apps?

In simple words, progressive web apps are a combination of the best of websites and the best of native apps. Now users don’t have to download apps from their respective platform i.e., Appstore and play store, mobile app development companies now can provide the same experience to users via the website. Here are some features of Progressive web applications that explain why their demand is increasing day by day.

Compatibility: Progressive web apps are compatible with all browsers, unlike some mobile applications which are not compatible with some mobile devices. 

Responsive: progressive web apps adapt to all screen sizes i.e., desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.

Works offline: Thanks to cache API Progressive web apps can be used by users even when they are offline when they lose internet connectivity. In case of poor connectivity progressive web apps can save the data and store the form submissions and can resend it when network connectivity resumes. 

Icons: Progressive web apps allow their users to launch icons on their home screens.

Secure: Progressive web apps are secured by HTTPS protocols which secure all the user information and prevent it from being altered.  

The features of progressive web apps are the major reason for the increase in its demand. These unique features allow users around the world to conduct all their day to day chores and even manage their businesses without any hassle through Progressive web apps.

Progressive web apps have a huge impact on businesses today as it allows them to operate more efficiently. Here are a few reasons listed below why progressive apps are transforming the mobile experience for businesses and their users and why there is an increase in demand by businesses. 

Progressive web applications help businesses to focus on their users.

It’s important for businesses to give importance and focus on their users, Progressive web apps allow businesses to consider user preferences and their device compatibility with web apps. Progressive web apps ensure to provide comfort to users instead of irritating them with options like constant updates. Progressive web apps allow businesses to know their audience in a better way through more information which benefits them in making new marketing strategies accordingly. 

Progressive web apps save device storage space:

Progressive web apps help users to save their mobile storage space unlike the storage consumption by mobile apps. Users can access the same features that access mobile applications like push notifications, compatibility, and it also offers access to icons that can be launched on home screens. 

Progressive web apps build brand image:

The most important priority of businesses is their brand image, progressive web apps provide features like offline version which outperform apps and websites, offline access of web apps allows users to submit their forms and request data whenever the connection restores. Deploying progressive web apps allows businesses to adopt innovation and helps to maintain a strong relationship with their platform users. 

Progressive webs apps are competitive:

There are millions of applications available on Appstore and play store which has made the market very competitive, with the introduction of Progressive web apps businesses can survive in the highly competitive market. Users nowadays are getting attracted to words progressive web apps due to exceptional designs and it offers the best experience to them. Progressive web apps have the advantage of addressing businesses' target audiences in a highly competitive market and generates a lot of traffic on the web. 

Customer satisfaction:

User always wants to get the best services, it is often difficult for businesses to satisfy customers because of app complexities. Progressive web apps with their easy-to-use features allow users to operate the web easily and also allow businesses to create a loyal base as PWA attracts customers and retains them too. One of the examples of Progressive web apps getting a great response from consumers is the eCommerce giant Ali Baba which saw a 76% rise in conversation and a four-time high interaction rate after deployment of the Progressive web app. 

These are the major reason why Progressive apps will transform the mobile experience completely as businesses today are preferring progressive web apps more if compared to apps because of their unique feature. Here are a few perfect examples of the most successful progressive web apps listed below. 

Most Successful Progressive web apps:

Pinterest: Pinterest was having interaction issues with its website but when Pinterest deployed their progressive web app the interaction rate completely transformed for them. It was recorded users spend 40% more time on Pinterest PWA if compared to their website and a 60% rise in user engagement. 

Twitter: Twitter being a social media giant launched their PWA in 2017, twitter lite is much better than twitter’s mobile application as it consumes less application. It offers the same features like home screen icon push notification button, etc.  

Forbes: Progressive web app developed by Forbes provides them a higher user engagement and personalization. With the development of PWA Forbes registered a 43%increase in their sessions per user and a 20% increase in their ad viewability, Forbes was able to fulfill its aim of transforming the mobile experience. 

The above-listed Platforms are among those platforms which have launched Progressive web apps and have reached new milestones with both user engagement and revenue. 

In conclusion:

Users prefer easy-to-use apps instead of complex apps with the evolution of technology the birth of progressive web apps has provided the best solution to users as it is a combination of both best of web and best of native apps. With the demand for Progressive web apps, it won’t be wrong to say it has become the need for all industries because of a highly competitive market.

About The Author
Olivia Marie

Olivia Marie is a Digital Content Producer at Cubix; a software development company, headquartered in Florida, U.S. She is a passionate writer with expertise in Blockchain, AI, digital marketing, and more.

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