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11 Best Online Food Delivery Apps For Android And iOS

With the advancement of technology in every aspect, people look upon mobile applications for all their work to be done. For a foodie, food delivery applications are the most vital apps on their mobile phones. Not one, nor two, there will be a lot more food delivery apps installed on their smartphones giving them the delight of enjoying their favorite cuisines with ease. It seems these days every restaurant and cafes are associated with some sort of food delivery application which makes it easy for foodies to enjoy their favorite cuisines at their doorsteps.  

Now they have the source with which they can get their love for food blossomed just by downloading an application. There are a number of useful applications completely related to food services. From helping you know about delicious recipes to getting your food order and delivering it to your place, you have app for all.

We will help you with some of the highly recommended food delivery applications for iOS and Android devices, take a look:

1. Uber Eats

Get your favorite food and beverages right at your doorstep with the help of Uber Eats. All you need to do is to search for your nearby local restaurants or food outlets and order it according to a given menu. This application is currently working in all the metro cities.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • You can get your payment done with ease through your Uber account
  • You will be able to track your food in right after it has been ordered
  • You can order your food from anywhere, farthest or nearest both are acceptable
Uber Eats


2. Zomato

With this application, you will easily be able to check the best of the nearest food outlets to order in or eat out. You will have menus, restaurant photos and also customer reviews for your assistance to make your decision and get the best for your meal.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • One can search for pubs, restaurants, cafes, with ease by entering the cuisine and the location
  • You can use advanced filters to reach out to the best food outlets
  • You can also check with the images of restaurants, customer reviews, menus, in the application itself.


3. Swiggy

A perfect application for you to order your favorite cuisine from your nearest best restaurant. This application will deliver the food from the local food outlets or restaurants with no restrictions at all on the value.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • One can avail exciting deals from both restaurants and Swiggy for their orders.
  • You can track your order delivery live right from the time you book it
  • You get the facility of multiple payment gateways


4. Foodpanda

Serving in more than 50 countries, Foodpanda has exclusively been acclaimed as one of the biggest food delivery applications. You will get more than 14,000 restaurant and food outlet options for your various needs in the form Chinese, Continental and more.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • You can easily select the best food outlet near you
  • A wide spectrum of cuisines on the plate
  • Complete access to real-time updates and also you can track your order


5. Dominos

This is an official application for ordering pizzas right at your doorstep for Dominos. This application serves perfectly by giving one the options of a wide range of pizzas with amazing offers and delivery time is restricted to 30 minutes. How cool is that!

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • You can easily customize your order as per your needs
  • You can order in advance
  • The option of late night orders is also available
  • You can also save your favorites
  • You will also be assisted with exciting offers and deals


6. Pizza Hut

A perfect option for pizza lovers to get their delicious food delivered right at their doorstep. It gives way more options like desserts, fries and more to add to your appetite. It is easy to use and gives users amazing offers and rewards for their orders.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • You will have access to complete menu
  • You will be rewarded with lots of offers and discounts
  • You can reorder your needs with ease
  • This application also supports advance orders
  • Multiple payment options are supported
Pizza Hut


7. Delivery.com

Get options of more than 1000 restaurants and food outlets to have your favorite menu anytime on the table with the help of Delivery.com. There are no extra charges for ordering from this application, so perfect to order and keep working.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • Complete access to nearby food outlets and restaurants
  • You can also get wine, beer, or spirits at your doorstep
  • You can also get your grocery needs covered
  • You can save your address and payment details for quick orders


8. Just Eat

If you would like to have food from a local favorite restaurant then, Just Eat is the ideal application for you. It gives you a lot of options in terms of menu and also helps you with great money saving deals. So register yourself and get your favorite food delivered right at your location.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • Access to select from the wide spectrum of cuisines
  • Check with nearest food outlets and offers
  • Ordering is as easy as it can get
  • You can filter your options with ease
Just Eat


9. GrubHub

With this food delivery application, you get a wide variety of restaurants to choose from your favorite cuisine. The application is just perfect to help you get the quickest delivery of your order. Not only this, but you will also be benefited with cool offers and rewards.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • Get access to easy delivery all around the clock
  • You will be able to track your order real-time
  • The option of pre-ordering is also there for your needs
  • You will also be getting a lot of deals and special discounts as per your orders


10. Caviar

A perfect application for families and friends to have a great time by getting their favorite meal from the best of restaurants delivered right at their doorstep. One can place the order with ease and it will be at your location in no time at all.

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • It is easy to use and helps one with fast delivery
  • One can track the order status with ease right from the time of order.
  • You will be able to check the menus right in the application.
  • One can easily get their orders customized.


11. Postmates

If you are hungry and its midnight, do not worry! This application gives you the best option to have your needs covered all around the clock. You will get a wide range of options right from burgers to your favorite sushi and cookies, place your order with ease!

Prime Attributes Of This Application:

  • Get access to more than 300,000 restaurants & food outlets
  • You will be able to track your order real-time
  • You get a wide variety to choose and is also very easy to use


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