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QR Code Maker - Barcode generator

QR Code Maker - Barcode generator

by codvilla


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QR Code Maker - Barcode generator
QR Code Maker - Barcode generator
QR Code Maker - Barcode generator
QR Code Maker - Barcode generator

QR Scanner or Barcode generator and reader is an android application that can scan and read all types of QR and barcode and provide us an accurate and best result.
QR reader reads can decode all types of QR and Barcode including contact product URL wifi email and location text contact email phone and sms.
Free QR code Scanner, barcode reader or QR reader is an easy to use android application with user friendly GUI.QR generator provide most accurate result by simply open app and scan QR code or barcode with camera.
With this QR Code Scanner you can scan codes using your mobile device’s camera or have the information decoded from a photo of a code. Once you scan a code, the information and the code’s format will be displayed on screen
QR reader or Barcode reader is a universal barcode generator application that can creates a number of different barcode. It supports different types of Barcode/QR including UPC Scanner ITF UPC ISBN etc.
QR Code Scanner is a robust scanner that only does it all while occupying a small space of your mobile device’s internal memory! With this app you can also create and customize your own QR codes using the in-app QR code maker. They are easy to set up and customize.
1. All in one QR generator and creator app
2. Scan different types of QR and Barcode
3. Create QR code
4. Add generated QR to picture and posters
How to Use
Open QR Scanner and Barcode reader
Click on Scan QR button
Scan QR with your mobile camera.
Now download this QR scanner application and scan all barcodes and QR codes easily

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