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Photo Master Editor

Photo Master Editor

by bobapps

Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor
Photo Master Editor

Photo Master Editor أفضل محرر صور احترافي لتعديل الصور

هام جدا : ليعمل التطبيق بشكل جيد بدون مشاكل يرجى ضبط لغة الجهاز على الانجليزية 


"very important: For application works without problems, please set the davice language on "English"



_The best application to edit photos at all


 _Characteristics and Features :


_ Contains a wide range of filters that suit all the needs for designing and edit photos


_ Dynamic image and menu dynamic display interface that allows easy access to all features


_ Includes a range of image design optimization tools that give a great design feel


_ when you use photo master you can edit


and many of things to your photo desing


_ The transform list helps you easily crop and rotate your photos


_ photo master Contains a wide range of stickers that give a great design to images and express your emotions in an emoji form in the stickers list Includes whatsapp stickers,hashtag,emojis,wishes,comments,objects,express,and facial


_ The write list in photo master helps you edit, write paint and color the photos using a wide range of fonts and colors Professionally


_ Share button You can share your own photo designs in all social media files and save them to your mobile device You can also easily share the app with your friends


_ When you press the information button you can get comprehensive details about your photos including date, location, address, image type, size, storage location, description 


_ Supports all types of photos including JPEJ , PNG and more...


_ When you select an image and do no activity, it automatically switches to full-screen mode giving you a comprehensive view of your image's appearance after editing it


_ Heart button in photo master enables you to save your favorite photos to get back to you quickly and easily


_ You can open the camera to take pictures directly and modify them and you can also change the lighting before the capture and adjust the position of the image to Standard , HDR , DRO , EXPO...


_ Camera resolution gives you the advantage of adjusting the measurements and image size to suit your project


_ The grid and burst mode make it easier for you to do your project freely and you can use white balance mode to change some colors of your photo before you take it, which includes auto , incandescent , fluorescent , daylight , cloudy-daylight


_ In the Accounts section, you can use a cloud service Nextcloud Or Owncloud So you will not lose it again and can easily access it from anywhere in the world using your cloud account


_ The Settings menu has many sections General , Theme , Media Viewer ,Advanced ,that allow you to configure the application to suit your needs


_ Many other features and tools leave you the opportunity to discover them yourself

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