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iOS Development

  • Id&aL editions form France

    Id&aL publish board games since 2008. (Kahmate, Burdigala, Haru Ichiban...) Then we started to be interested in porting board games on mobile. (Kahmate, Haru Ichiban, Kairn, Cameleon...) After learning design for mobile, we thought: "Why not make an original video game?" Here's how we went from board games to video games. Backdrafts is our first video game designed for mobile! http://backdrafts-thegame.com

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  • Afterlight Entertainment form United Kingdom

    Afterlight makes challenging but fun and addictive iOS and Android games.

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  • Smarts MobileApps form Greece

    SMARTS P.C. is a new venture in the field of information and communication technologies and more specifically in the field of smart device software development. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, in combination with their years of relative experience as well as the rapid development of the specific field, has been the stimulus for the realization of SMARTS P.C. Our innovation strategy focuses on state of the art development methodologies and technologies in order to produce quality applications for smart devices.

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  • Agile Flex Agency form Romania

    Agile Flex Agency - Ideas Envisioning the Future

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  • PieDream form Ukraine

    Small game dev company.

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  • EndGame Design Laboratories, LLC form U.S.A.

    The mazlo dating app was created by EndGame Design Laboratories, LLC. EndGame aims to provide an efficient and worthwhile experience for every user, every time. Through the use of proprietary algorithms within mobile applications, the company designs app solutions that focus on the elimination of spam and inconvenient user experiences such as ads, buy ups, or selling data. EndGame’s mission is simple: we strive for precision and efficiency in everything we do in order to perfect each user’s experience – while protecting the user at all times. This belief is at the core of everything we create.

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  • My Toddlers App, LLC form U.S.A.

    “My Toddlers App” replaces the standard cartoon character of today’s toddler Apps with the only 1st teacher that can provide the emotional support and sense of safety critical to early childhood development, the FAMILY. Our App’s make it as easy as posting to Facebook for the family to customize, create and host the content. Best of all, none of your content gets posted to the web.

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  • Boomdash Digital Limited form United Kingdom

    Boomdash Digital is a new, upstart, Free to Play mobile indie publisher based in Manchester, UK. Working closely with teams, Boomdash simplify the business of Free to Play games helping developers to improve their gameplay, engagement, monetisation and user acquisition strategy. To date, Boomdash Digital has brought mobile puzzle game Bubble Raider and acclaimed endless runner Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare to iOS and Android.

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  • Julian Wyzykowski form U.S.A.

    I made rePLAY. Check it out here: http://getreplay.gg

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  • Creative Clarity Inc form U.S.A.

    Creative Clarity Inc has been developing custom software solutions for a wide range of clients for over a decade. We work with companies of all sizes developing web and mobile solutions reaching millions of customers.

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  • Exubit Ltd. form

    We are a small company of developers working as partners for a number of companies from various industries all over the world. And we love games, mobile apps as well as enterprise solutions.

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  • Feline Finder form U.S.A.

    Feline Finder. Adopt a rescue cat which fits your life. By Gregory E Williams

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