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iOS Development

  • Slipstream Applications form U.S.A.

    Developer of iOS, Apple and Database related applications.

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  • Color-Bind form U.S.A.

    Color -Bind is a fun and relaxing puzzle game. Swipe to move all the tiles. Tiles move in all four directions. When two tiles of same color touch, they merge together to become a next color tile! Track your tile progress on the tile status bar! Continue joining the matching tiles until you get 3 Blue Tiles on the board achieve a High Score! Available in three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

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  • Llamabrain Inc. form Japan

    Creating Various Games for Over 20 Years.

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  • Dragon Smile form Canada

    Development iOS, Android Games;

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  • Abhay Menon form India

    I am software developer with expertise in GIS and Mobile development.

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  • Lotus Social Suite form

    Save Gigabytes of storage space and conserve bandwidth (data consumption) by combining your social networks in a 20 MB suite! Lotus lets you swipe between your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to like, share, and comment, as well as post content to all three networks, simultaneously!

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  • gokugoku shougayu form Japan

    I'm Android / iOS App developer. I like 2D games and I'm mainly developing using Unity.

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  • Open Listings form U.S.A.

    Open Listings is an all-in-one home buying service designed to give you an edge in any market. House hunt 24/7, create offers, & save thousands in fees — all from your computer or phone. To-date, they’ve helped buyers get over $500 million worth of homes and save $5 million.

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  • Spaghetti Interactive form Italy

    A family of games Social, Multiplayer and Multi Platform! The goal we set ourselves is to allow anyone to play together with friends with whom he shares the same passion for games, regardless of the phone or computer in use. Freshly made apps, built with passion! All of our card's games are usable as you prefer! • Portrait mode for those who usually play with the touch of a finger. • Landscape mode for those who want to experience a desktop experience. www.giochipiu.it www.scopapiu.it www.briscolapiu.it www.damapiu.it www.tressettepiu.it www.scoponepiu.it www.scacchipiu.it

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  • Id&aL editions form France

    Id&aL publish board games since 2008. (Kahmate, Burdigala, Haru Ichiban...) Then we started to be interested in porting board games on mobile. (Kahmate, Haru Ichiban, Kairn, Cameleon...) After learning design for mobile, we thought: "Why not make an original video game?" Here's how we went from board games to video games. Backdrafts is our first video game designed for mobile! http://backdrafts-thegame.com

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  • Afterlight Entertainment form United Kingdom

    Afterlight makes challenging but fun and addictive iOS and Android games.

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  • Smarts MobileApps form Greece

    SMARTS P.C. is a new venture in the field of information and communication technologies and more specifically in the field of smart device software development. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founders, in combination with their years of relative experience as well as the rapid development of the specific field, has been the stimulus for the realization of SMARTS P.C. Our innovation strategy focuses on state of the art development methodologies and technologies in order to produce quality applications for smart devices.

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