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  • Gazingy Interactive form Netherlands

    Gazingy Interactive is a developer and publisher of video games, creating immersive gaming experiences for mobile devices. Founded in The Netherlands in 2010, we create games that entertain and connect players from all over the world. Our games are challenging, incredibly fun and bring core gaming fantasies to life on mobile. Best known for producing: “Folded Flyer”, “Joe Cable” and “Aztec Temple Quest"​ played by well over 700,000 players. Visit: https://gazingy.com

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  • Mark2media Group LLC form U.S.A.

    "Mark 2 Media Group doing business as Mark2Media is a multimedia company and software/applications technology development company which has a youtube channel “PS5 Stream101” which is currently monetized. Also two games “Infinite Dragoon” which is a Multiplayer Shhotem up “SHMUP” and “Dragon Caster” which is a MMORPG."

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  • Slipstream Applications form U.S.A.

    Developer of iOS, Apple and Database related applications.

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  • Elementals Studio form Singapore

    AR\VR and Game development Studio

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  • Agile Flex Agency form Romania

    Agile Flex Agency - Ideas Envisioning the Future

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  • ARblox form Denmark

    ARblox is the next level of Augmented Reality games for your mobile! It’s social. It’s creative. It’s physical multiplayer fun for you, your friends, and your family. Build and play in your living room, in the park, or on the table. Play your own levels, or play levels created by other members of the community.

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  • Signal Space Lab form Canada

    Signal Space is a forward-thinking studio that combines exceptional talent in two specialized Visual and Audio labs to design modular end-to-end solutions for audio, linear and virtual VR/AR/MR projects.

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  • Nappy Cat form U.S.A.

    .: Nappy Cat is a global independent gaming company focused on creating FUN games engulfed with IMAGINATION, INNOVATION, and QUALITY to provide a unique gaming experience. We believe we achieved that with Slingsters and we'd be thrilled if you played the game and published a review based on your experience with it :.

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  • grubBeats form France

    The grubBeats team develops innovative technologies for interactive music using audio analysis and artificial intelligence. Apps focuses on iOS and Android platforms.

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  • Rinikulous Games form Canada

    Two digital design and development professionals (@rinikulous and @staticsteven) following their passion for creating mobile (iOS) game experiences.

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  • EMMA Games for Kids form Germany

    Hello my dear friends! Welcome to my Profil of Popular Appsl! I am Emma, I am a little princess. I live in my beautiful Dreamland. I am very glad to see you also in my YouTube channel. I am very glad my dear little friends to see you I am very happy ! Hello!!! *** All Content created by EMMAGAMES and JUICYDESIGN Berlin Irina & Ronald Maier developed awesome and fabulous education and entertainment games for kids especially for little girls. We create super cute characters, illustrations, colors and animations! The main character of our games is the cutest girl SWEET LITTLE EMMA. She lives in her Dreamland ;-) Only recently Emma has little Friend. His name is Jacob. We can't wait to see what will have happened. All our game apps are familiy friendly and always includes beautiful music and cool soundeffects with adorable HD graphics and sounds.

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  • Fanzcall Media, Inc. form U.S.A.

    Play Ball with the exciting launch of Fanzcall Interactive Sports, a new app that promises to transform the way Major League Baseball games are watched and enjoyed. With Fanzcall, every at-bat becomes an opportunity for fans to play the app’s real-time game within the game, win points, and beat the competition. Fanzcall is the solution to fan engagement that MLB has been searching for. Rather than exploring ways to speed up the game and combat a slow pace of play, Fanzcall engages audiences between each at-bat, enhancing the action and fan experience. Will the next batter crush a home run or strike out? Will he hit a single, double or triple? Now you can turn your bold prediction into “Fanzpoints” with every major league at-bat for your favorite teams. The Fanzcall app (now available on iOS and Android) turns fantasy baseball into reality and can give you ultimate bragging rights over your friends. “Whether you are watching a game live, in a crowded bar, or in your living room, Fanzcall puts you right in the batter’s box and into your very own game,” said Dave Caruso, Co-Founder of Fanzcall, a Boston based company. “With Fanzcall, you predict the outcome and compete with everyone from friends sitting next to you to users from around the world.” It doesn’t matter if you are a casual fan or a die-hard who never misses a game, Fanzcall gives you something new to root for. Fanzcall was created to bridge the expanding generation gap when it comes to enjoying a baseball game. Today, kids would rather play with their smartphones than watch a live game in front of them. By playing Fanzcall, baseball games become more exciting and engaging for kids, casual fans and even baseball purists. Fanzcall has a fan friendly interface with built-in stats that are easy to understand for players of all ages. Fanzcall is free to download and play, with no in-app purchases, ever. “The app is completely free to use; ‘losing’ a Fanzcall game won’t cost you a penny either,” Caruso said. “There are no entry or surprise fees.” The number of Fanzpoints users receive depends on the likelihood of the outcome they select. For instance, correctly choosing a home run will net significantly more points than if a player strikes out (a far more likely result). Even those who guess incorrectly will still accumulate points just for playing. "Fanzcall’s innovation extends to its media and sponsorship opportunities," said Jon Hickey, Chief Marketing Officer. “Without altering the functionality of the app, Fanzcall can be easily modified to best reach any advertiser’s audience,” he said. “It’s a whole new way to reach consumers when existing baseball media and advertising avenues are unavailable. It really provides a significant incremental media platform for partners and advertisers.” Download Fanzcall Today!!!

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  • Poster King - Card Maker
  • Wordoop Word Game
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