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App Development

  • Linkqlo Inc form U.S.A.

    Linkqlo is an innovative social network that discovers clothes that fit you better by comparing you to people with similar bodies and sizes. It aims to solve a common problem for many of us: that it is hard to find clothes that fit.

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  • TwinFlame Development, LLC form

    TwinFlame is the iPhone app that gives you access to the TwinFlame Network - the go-to social community for self-awareness, introspective, and personality-insights! Tarot, psychology, astrology, numerology, enneagram, MBTI, DISC, OCEAN/Big 5 - all together!

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  • seninmaceran form Turkey

    Are you ready for a real adventure prepared for you? Find clues, solve the game, bomb defused, oh on anyone noticed. Let Your adventure begins ...

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  • Erik Gallegos form U.S.A.

    I love drawing, making comics, gifs and videos. Enjoy my creations and things I find funny or cool. My dream is to make my own games.

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  • Zxy Games form U.S.A.

    Defend tiny, peaceful cities from menacing enemy clouds. Your weapon is your finger; It has the power to deflect anything these angry clouds drop.

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  • High5Wizard
  • Crown Crunch
  • Am I loved