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Why Technology Storage Units are a Must

We lock up things that we value, right? We lock our homes, our cars, our private stash of snacks in the break room, but what about our technology? In the workplace, nearly everyone in an office has either a personal computer or a professional computer they use for daily work.  

Many businesses encourage employees to store their laptops in cases, but portable cases can be stolen or damaged along with all the information, applications, and records on the laptops they hold. 

With so many businesses relying heavily on digital applications and programs in the workplace, this means that more laptops and tablets are being used professionally every day. So, think about how much information is saved on company laptops. What if that information was lost because a laptop wasn't properly stored? This is why a laptop cabinet is the next ingenious purchase for businesses that rely on technology.  

We'll discuss the specifics of these laptop cabinets and layout a few reasons why such storage units are a must for your business. 

Laptop Cabinets

What are Laptop Cabinets?

As strange as they may sound, laptop cabinets are just that — they are lockable storage units for your laptops, tablets, and even desktops. You might be wondering what the difference is between putting a laptop in a storage unit and putting it in a typical place such as a drawer or portable case. 

The main difference is that laptop cabinets are of higher quality. When made well, they don't break, bend, or warp. They are like gun safes for your electronics, complete with multi-point lock mechanisms. 

They are designed for durability, ensuring that each computer is stored away securely and safely.

What to Look for in a Laptop Cabinet

Several types of laptop storage units would be suitable for your workplace, and most companies have options to choose from varying in size, occupancy, and material.

1. Grade-A Material

One of the best reasons why laptop cabinets are great investments for a business is because they are built to last. Instead of buying new, single laptop cases every few years, or settling for poorly-made storage spaces, a laptop cabinet is reliable and will last a lifetime. 

The best cabinets are typically made out of steel. A storage space is only as good as the material it's made of, and steel is almost impossible to destroy. So, unless someone happens to have a wrecking ball, it's unlikely your cabinet will be broken into. 

2. Built-in Power Outlets and Vents

Many cabinets include interior power outlets to charge laptops while they are not in use. 

This is helpful for any company that requires employees to leave laptops at the business so that every night, each laptop gets a full recharge while being stored safely away. 

The best units will also have air vents so that your laptops don't overheat while they are charging. These units should also provide filters to regulate the airflow inside and maintain an ideal temperature. You certainly don't want your laptops to get too hot inside a cabinet as overheating can be unsafe and harmful, so be sure to look for a cabinet that includes venting.   

3. The Right Size for Your Technology

Depending on what type of business you have, this will probably determine what size or model you will need. 

For example, if your business uses portable laptops, then search for units with either single rows or double rows — each row will have a certain number of slots for individual laptops. You determine how many slots are acceptable based on your company's needs. Single row or double row cabinets typically store anywhere from 10 to 28 laptops.

If your business doesn't use laptops and instead uses full desktop workstations, don't worry! There are options for full-workspace storage units as well. These units are large and deep enough to store all your technology or equipment neatly and usually feature retractable stations so you can slide everything into the cabinet like a drawer.


Security is so important not only for the programs on our computers but also for the computers themselves. If you want to ensure that your company laptops and technology are stored safely while they are not in use, then don't settle for anything less than the smartest and most reliable storage option.

Laptop cabinets are the next best investment for your business. If you value the technology that makes your business run, lock it up tight!

About The Author
Russell Emmental

Russell is a finance journalist and ex-banker. He lives in Utah with his family and is a keen aviation enthusiast in his spare time.

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