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How Facebook Dating App Will Change the Dating Scene

Online dating services are incredibly popular, and rightly so. In the age of information technology, it is much easier and faster to meet true love on the Internet than, for example, on the street or in a cafe.

According to Facebook, the number of users of this social network is 2.2 billion people, and 200 million of them indicated in the profile that they are alone. Having such invaluable information, Mark Zuckerberg decided to become a new digital cupid. Therefore, Facebook has launched its own dating service. For the first time, Mark Zuckerberg said about the idea of creating such a service at the beginning of May 2018 at the conference for F8 developers. He also stressed that, unlike many of its analogs, Facebook Dating is designed to create long-term relationships, not one-night meetings.

Facebook Dating is not a separate application but a service within the social network that can be launched on Android or iOS. Users will be able to set up a separate profile from the main one and indicate their biography, place of work, education, gender (not only female and male), sexual orientation, attitude to religion, and the presence of children. You cannot change only the age, place of residence, and name - this information will be imported from the main Facebook profile. Also, the user has to answer a few questions that will help find a potential partner. The service is available only to persons over the age of 18 like https://bestseniordatingsites.net.

When registering in the application, you have the opportunity to specify not only the female or male gender. Also, there are options such as "transwoman," "transman," and "non-binary gender" (refers to people who identify themselves uniquely with any of the genders). This information is intended only for the algorithm of searching a couple, other users will not see it. Similar options are available for selecting the gender of a potential loved one.

Unlike Tinder, the most popular dating application, Facebook Dating does not offer swipes. To react to the profile of another user, you can click one of the buttons: "interested" or "not interested." If you are in search of a loved one and looking forward to the launch of Facebook Dating, then you should definitely find out some useful date night ideas.

Another feature of the application is the ability to write to any potential partner without the need for mutual approval. In addition to the recommendations, the user can write a message to any person in the search bar but not more than to 100 people per day. Communication will take place in a special chat room where there is no possibility to share photos and other content, only text, and emoji. In such dialogs, you cannot send images because the company wants to prevent the spread of unsolicited erotic pictures.

Mark Zuckerberg said that users will be able to turn on Facebook Dating and turn it off at will. The service will recommend users who are not added as friends or do not have the status of “Married” or “In a Relationship.”

Facebook Dating app can choose for you a potential loved one from those users who are no further than 100 kilometers from you. In this case, a potential partner cannot be included in the list of your friends. Developers are guided by the idea that you already know whether you want to go out on a date with a person from your contact list or not.

Facebook has all chances to sidestep rivals in the online-dating market: the social network has “tons of data” about its users, and it can help the algorithms to offer really matchable people for communication. In addition, after the recent scandals, the company constantly emphasizes that there is nothing more important for them than ensuring data security for the users, and it can be quite credible.

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Maxim Pratsyuk

Maxim Pratsyuk, the writer from Ukraine.

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