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Mobile Apps for Realtors: The 8 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents this 2019

Being a real estate agent is not only a lucrative and challenging profession. It is also extremely rewarding when you can help couples and families find their dream home. If you are someone who is a go-getter, it is a great profession for you. It can optimize your income based on how many transactions you can close.

Most of the real estate agents prefer QuickBooks enterprise cloud hosted on reliable daas windows for their remote accounting and bookkeeping due to its easy invoicing, payroll features and multi-user environment.

While many might fear that real estate agents will become obsolete in the age of tech, it is quite the contrary. You can use technology to your advantage to become a better real estate agent and optimize your performance. With the use of apps designed specifically for people in your industry, you can be a more competitive and efficient real estate agent for your clients.

The Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Are you looking for an app for real estate agents that can aid your profession? Business owners and employees have relied on various tech apps for team collaborations and project management in the past. You can, therefore, leverage the use of apps to make your job easier as a real estate agent.

Below are 8 of the best apps available to real estate agents at the moment (as of 2019):

1. CamScanner

Primarily, this app scans documents on the go. This app lets you scan documents on your phone or tablet and turn them into documents that you can annotate, edit, and send to your leads and clients.

This helps real estate agents organize their paperwork, even when they’re away from their office. With CamScanner, you can also send follow-up documents, contracts, closing documents, etc., you can do it quickly and professionally.

2. BombBomb

It can engage with your target audience with videos; send them out as texts or emails. Videos get the most clicks right now, be it on social media or business websites. The majority of people prefer watching a video than reading an article.

Thus, adding videos to your listing can easily improve not just your sales, but also the number of listings you get. Research shows 73% of homeowners say they prefer agents who use videos. With the Bombomb app, you can shoot, edit, and send videos to your leads, potential clients, and peers easily and quickly.

It is a more personalized way to engage people. It gets a higher percentage of conversions, replies, and referrals than the conventional email. You can also track your videos’ marketing and advertising performance.

This app lets you do what you can do with text messages or emails. You can answer clients’ questions on the go or send a sneak peek of your new listing to your email list. This app integrates with Gmail, Google Chrome, YouTube, Outlook, etc. seamlessly too.

3. Hubstaff

This simple application lets you oversee your virtual workforce by tracking their time, activity, and take screenshots of their computers. It also comes with a whole lot of convenient and powerful features for real estate agents.

This task includes tracking hours and GPS locations all with a simple click of a button. This helps users see which aspects of the real estate process are slowing people down, and which can save time.

It makes tracking of time and location easy, even when on the go, giving you a good awareness of how your business works. It also lets you send payments based on the hours worked, taking one more tedious task off of your plate.

The best apps to help you multitask

4. Dotloop

As part of our list, this app eliminates the hassles of paperwork in real estate transactions. It is the leading productivity optimization and online transaction platform for real estate. It works by reducing the complexity of the real estate transaction process.

This task is accomplished by replacing them with separate form creation, e-sign, and transaction management with one seamless platform. It helps real estate companies and agents drive growth by reorganizing the process with workflow automation and real-time visibility of transactions.

Dotloop also integrates seamlessly with many real estate apps, CRM, and lead generation apps. It also integrates with many accounting and back-office apps, cloud storage, and other marketing and automation apps. A free version is also available for individual agents.

5. Propertybase.

This combines excellent salesforce-based CRM with MLS integration and more. Text messaging and drip campaigns with mobile apps, pipelines, call logging, etc.are all-important for customer relationship management (CRM).

Propertybase lets realtors and brokers cover all bases by combining a solid salesforce-based CRM and multiple listing services (MLS) integration. This is done with an outstanding Internet data exchange (IDX) lead-generation that works together seamlessly.

Real estate agents no longer need to buy all these things separately as this app has everything. From managing projects, opportunities, and contacts, Propertybase has everything a realtor could need with its well-equipped CRM.

It comes with a customizable lead scoring platform that makes pipeline management a lot easier, not to mention it’s also a great website builder/CRM combo. Propertybase also integrates with other real estate apps such as Bombbomb, Docusign, and Dootloop, etc.

6. DocuSign

It is an electronic signature app that lets you send out documents for signature. Sending out and signing piles of documents is one of the most tedious aspects of the real estate process, and this is what Docusign is for.

This app helps you connect and automate documents for a sign, act on, and manage agreements. With over 200 million users worldwide, it is the most popular option for signing documents on the internet.

It comes with tabs and a simple guide to instruct users through the whole signing process. Users will have the option to either sign straight from Gmail or their website browser. Accounts can also be accessed using any device, anywhere, allowing users to sign and send documents on the go.

7. Evernote

This app keeps all your notes in one place. If you constantly find yourself losing your important notes after a client meeting or tours, then you need this app. Evernote lets you keep all your most important notes in one safe location.

You can also add images, links, and collaborate with your colleagues and team. This mobile app can also be accessed through your desktop as everything is synced.

8. Waze

You won’t be selling houses if you’re constantly stuck in traffic. This app has a GPS navigation app for smartphones and tablets. It will let you get from point A to point B the fastest way possible with its mobile navigation system.

It shows you multiple route options and suggests the best routes. Thus, it helps you move through traffic jams and road closures without problems.

Leverage apps available at your disposal

Combine real estate agent apps with other project management tools and you can do more in a short amount of time. Stay on track of different activities and monitor your progress using a range of software.

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