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Why App Development Is Great for Recent Grads

LinkedIn has discovered that millennials are more skilled in software and programming skills than non-millennials, making mobile development an attractive and competitive field to enter for recent graduates. From Mark Zuckerburg to Evan Spiegel, numerous college students and recent graduates have made use of their time at university to develop applications that propelled them to success. Seeing as any recent grad nowadays is a "digital native," they naturally possess most of the skills needed to replicate that kind of success, making the career path a smart move.

There's Lots of Money in Apps

By 2020, mobile apps are predicted to be worth approximately $189 billion in revenue, representing a 270% growth. This is great news for recent grads looking to enter an industry with strong growth and a bright future. Experts note that the industry still has a lot of growing to do, which should entice young professionals, whether still in college or recently graduated, to enter it while there’s still time to make a big impact and take advantage of the booming growth.

Young app developers still have time to get in while it’s hot, especially those interested in designing and developing aggregator apps. If you’re still not convinced, just take a look at Snapchat creator and CEO Evan Spiegel, who once discussed how he went from developing the app in his dorm at Stanford to now owning a business valued at nearly $20 billion. Growth potential like that is great for the generation that is haunted by student loan debt. Industries like mobile app design and development, as well as other digital and tech sectors, are providing millennials with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience, craft a long-term career and earn the money they need to stabilize their financial situation post-college.

App Development is Getting Easier

The Internet of Things is changing the way the entire world moves, and it's no different with mobile development. With mobile-first technology solutions becoming more popular, there's more room for app developers to use their skills in a variety of industries that need their talents.

Hacker Noon even reported that app creation is becoming easier to accommodate these changes. As part of their analysis, Kevin Rands said that“The streamlined approach involves rapid design and development with minimal amounts of coding, often relying on third-party application programming interfaces.” These types of changes help make developing apps more of a low-cost venture with greater accessibility.

The Ability to Keep Learning

One of the biggest pieces of advice millennials and recent graduates receive is to always continue learning, and a career in app design and development presents them with the opportunity to do just. An industry ripe with growth and opportunity mixed with a young workforce equipped with digital skills that allow them to enter these types of job with ease make for the perfect setup for a long, fulfilling career.

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