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Everyone is a developer: 3 fool-like APP development tools

With the popularity of smartphones and APP applications, more and more companies and individuals are aware of the marketing value of APP. Due to the awe of technology, many companies subconsciously believe that developing APP is a difficult technical activity. However the Internet always provides all the answers. For example, if you are assigned to make an essay but you don't have enough skills to do that, clicking on https://essayshark.com/  can give you a lot of help that you need. Likewise when you want to create an app, you will easily find various online help tools.

Google's App Inventor Android App development tool allows you to create your own Android app with a drag-and-drop simple operation. For those who want to try to develop a simple application for a specific purpose, there are many other options besides App Inventor. For example, the three tools described below make it easy for everyone to develop mobile apps. However, if you really want to be a professional developer, it is better to learn from the basics.

Foreign marketers and technology developers have developed a number of tools that can help companies create simple app applications. With these tools, even an ordinary Internet user who knows nothing about the program can easily create a corporate app.

Here are three fool-like APP development tools:

First, Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps provides a platform for SMBs to quickly create mobile apps. It currently supports native apps on iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. Users don't need any programming knowledge at all, just do a button check and drag and drop to complete most of the design work. When creating an app, first select your app type. Bizness Apps provides a template for each type, including most of the common features of this type, users only need to further select the features required by your app in the menu to complete the design of the native app. After the app is complete, Bizness Apps will help you upload your app to their iOS and Android app store accounts.

Second, DevmyApp

A fool-like iOS app development software. With this app, you can create, design, and develop your own iOS app, while avoiding having to rewrite code for some of the frequently occurring feature blocks.

The main features of DevmyApp are:

Views and transitions: Create views and add animation transitions to them.

Share Apps: Launch external native apps like Safari, phone or SMS.

Animation: Create basic animations.

Web View: Create a web view to navigate the internet with custom controls. And many more.


With AppsGeyser, you can make application development for anyone. Of course, this app doesn't let you create the next Angry Bird or Foursquare. But if you just want to build a very simple application based on web content, AppsGeyser will be your best choice. AppsGeyser is actually very easy. It has only three options:

First, you can enter an mobile website URL to generate an app. Second, enter the HTML code of any web gadget to convert directly to the Android app. Third, use the tool to crawl the page on the page to generate the app. Once your work is complete, you can upload it to the Android Market (but you need to have a publisher account in advance) or use it for your own use last month, but its co-founder Vasily Salomatov called the user 1000 applications have been created with AppsGeyser.

The above applications are very helpful for every beginner in making various applications. Hopefully this article is useful.

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