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Translator Apps vs. Voice Translator Devices

Communicating with someone that speaks a foreign language can be frustrating when traveling or exploring a different culture.  It is expected that you will hire a guide that would translate the local language into one that you can understand to ensure effective communication takes place. However, with the improvement of technology, many people are opting to use translator apps and voice translator devices to help them communicate better on their journey. Fortunately, the majority of these apps are free and the devices reasonably priced, making it possible to acquire either for use when traveling. It doesn’t matter your choice, either of the two will serve your interests allowing you to have a productive conversation.

Translator devices or Translator apps: Which should you pick?

When looking for help in translating foreign languages, you are likely to have a hard time choosing between a device and a mobile application. Although mobile apps used for translation are seen as the obvious choice because of the high penetration of smartphones, translation devices also have excellent benefits for those that choose them. Below are some pros and cons of both the translator app and translator device to guide you in picking the most suitable one.


Translator apps are easy to download and install in the phone with the majority of them being available in the Google Play for Android Phones and Apple store for iOS phones. However, setting them up can be a bit clumsy because you need to have the right settings in place and always have to unlock, swipe and open the app every time you want to use it. On the other hand, translator devices are simple to use as you only need to press record on the device to start using it. Most times, the settings are programmed making them easier to use when compared to apps.

Battery usage

Mobile applications used for translation often operate alongside other apps on smartphones thus draining the battery much faster. It is common to find mobile phones shutting down mid-conversation making one's trip stressful, or they have to have the phone plugged into a charging device the entire time. It is therefore advisable to have a device dedicated solely to translation so that such cases are rare or minimal. Majority of translator devices have an in-built battery that can be used for days without requiring the owner to charge it.

Flow of conversation

For a conversation to flow smoothly, it is essential that the translation option chosen can translate two languages quickly. Translator devices have the upper hand because they have two or more buttons that record the conversation both sides which reduce or eliminate any gaps. However, for most mobile apps designed for translation, only one person can speak at a time with the other one waiting for the conversion to be done, so that they can respond. If you choose an application with such delays, then the probability of a good flow of conversation is hindered.

Top 4 voice translator devices

Although translator apps can be used to interpret foreign languages to one that can be understood, translator devices are still the most popular. Fortunately, the devices are available at brick and mortar stores as well as online stores making it possible to buy the latest ones. Below are some options that you can consider when shopping for the best voice translator device.

1) SSK Smart Language translator

The handheld language translator is ideal for business travelers that want to enjoy fruitful discussions with those they meet at their destination. The device is easy to operate making it suitable for those that are using them for the first time. Its translating accuracy is ultra-high as it can interpret more than eighty-six languages including complicated sentences. When using the device continuously, it can serve you for three or four hours with a standby of up to five days. Additionally, the device has a two-way translator which can interpret both the source language as well as the source language within half a second.

2) Touch screen intelligent voice translator

The translator device interprets languages instantly and is ideal for those planning to travel and shop in foreign countries. Its 2.4-inch touch screen makes it easy to operate as soon as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The display also makes it easier to communicate as the user can see the translation results clearly. Also, the voice translation device has a speaker system that enables noise around the area in which a conversation is taking place to be minimized. The device can capture the voice of the user and translate the results accurately. Additionally, users of the device can use it for eight to twelve hours continuously as long as it is fully charged beforehand.

3) Birgus Smart Voice Translator

The translator device by Birgus has a 2.4-inch touch screen with HD quality and can translate up to seventy languages. It is a "must have" device for frequent travelers for both pleasure and business worldwide. Some of the unique features of the device include two-way translation that is clear and loud enough for the user; instant translation of words or conversations resulting in better flow of conversations; high definition recording of a conversation with minimal noise making it possible to listen to conversations over and over again.

4) TT Easy Trans Smart Language translator

The compact design of this voice translation device is one of the reasons it has become popular as it can easily fit in a small purse or wallet. It is portable making it easy to hold when speaking as you only need to press a button on the device and keep holding until the recording is done. Apart from giving audible results, the device can be used in various modes such as single machine mode, manual dual machine mode, and automatic dual machine mode.

Overall, both translator apps and devices are essential for anyone traveling to a country whose primary language they do not understand. Ensure that you choose the translation option that suits you best and will provide maximum output while in use.

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