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5 Power Tips to Use Instagram for Your Job Hunt

In our era dominated by technology, the opportunities are limitless. Therefore, you might be surprised to find out that social media is one of the best ways to get in contact with most job offers. Opportunities can wait for you at any corner if you are equipped with the right skills and tools that will help you obtain the job of your dreams.

So, let’s check out our 5 power tips to use Instagram for your job hunt.

1. Establish Your Personal Brand

One of the best tools that can help you grow your Instagram and can make sure you’re seen by people that would want to hire you is establishing a personal brand that’s trustworthy and reliable. After you discover how you want to market yourself, try to brainstorm ideas that will make your services unique on the market. Once you discover the focus points of your business, you can use Instagram as the best curriculum vitae.

2. Follow Companies

You might be what they are looking for - so do not hesitate to follow their activity, write well-planned comments and tag them if you have the chance. Of course, you do not have to exaggerate with the stalking, but keeping up with their activity will make them interested in yours as well.

3. Complete your bio

Another way in which Instagram can function as your curriculum vitae and offer the information required in order for job opportunities to find you is completing your bio – probably, this is one of the most effective Instagram business tools.

Complete the required information and make sure you’re providing the description that an employer would want to know about his future employee. The first impression is the one that counts the most!

4. Link your account to other social media sites

Chances may come from sources you haven't even thought of before. This is why, in order to make yourself seen and noticed, you should make sure that you link your account to other social media sites. Use your Instagram account in a description of a Facebook photo, write about it on your blog and more and more people will find out about you.

5. Use popular hashtags

Popular hashtags are the key to getting noticed by the others who share the same interests as you. Adding a relevant hashtag to your posts that are related to the services you offer or the job you’re looking for will make companies find out about you. Sometimes, it can be easier than you’d thought.

If you follow these tips, you might be surprised at the number of opportunities you can come across. All you have to do is make sure you’re following the right companies, you make your services well known and you promote yourself in a nice, yet non-intrusive manner.

Who would have thought you can find a job so easily only by promoting yourself through the Instagram tools mentioned? So, make the right decisions and success will be guaranteed!

About The Author

Andreea is both a Bachelor's and Master's graduate in Journalism who has dedicated her life to carving beautiful words. She's been a freelance writer for the past 7 years and she loves writing about new things every day.

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