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Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Android App

How to Promote Your Android App?

After developing the best android app your next step will be Promote Your Android App. The major problem with android developers that they are techies, not a marketer. They have a technical knowledge only but they don’t know how to promote their android app. This article is only for Android Developers. I observed many things so, I’m going to discuss here how to promote your android app?

Effective Ways to Promote Your Android App in 2017:

Create an Official Website for Your App

Develop a professional website for your app. It shows a social proof of your app. People want to know your app is the real deal, and that you’re truly invested in it as a business. So, it is necessary to develop a website for your android app. Add clear images and real screenshots of your app in this website. So, people will notice your site. They will download your app trough your website. Share your website on all social media accounts and start to promote your android app through the website.

Website for Your App

Start Blogging Related to Your App and Post on Your Website

Don't too late to start blogging for your application. Write an interesting content that will draw people to your website. It is one of the best ways to promote your android app. Post one blog at least at the end of the week. Write how to differ is your app from others and which new functionality it has. You can also write how it can be beneficial for users. Because they should be aware of what they will get from your app.

Share Your Content on Social Media

After creating a professional website, don’t stop here. Write a blog on your app and share it on all the social media accounts. It is the great platform to promote everything. Here you can promote your android app several times in a week.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Contact Experienced Bloggers for Content Writing

If you don’t know how to write then you can contact experienced bloggers for content writing. They know how to write and how to attract more people. So, this way you can promote your android app.

Contact Experienced Bloggers

Create an Amazing Video to Promote Your Android App

Make an eye-catching video of your application. Make it attractive, creative, funny and unique. This is the best idea to promote your android app. After all, we all are visual creatures. Share this video on all social media account!

Promote Your Android App on YouTube

Make a couple of videos which shows how to your application can be helpful or entertain to people. And post these videos on YouTube. Send video links to bloggers because bloggers understand your application better. They will help to write better reviews. It creates more awareness.

Apply for Awards

If your application is innovative and unique then why you don't apply for awards. Apply for awards because if you win then you’ll get much attention from press and people. And people will notice your app.

Promote Your Android App in Multiple Stores

Do you know there are multiple stores to promote your android app? We all know about Google Play Store and Apple App Store but there are many app stores available such as Amazon App Store is good too.

Run a Contest

Promote your mobile app by running multiple contests on your website. Encourage the people to tweet and share content on their social networks promoting your app. A random person every week can win a promo code to download your app for free if it is a paid one.

Integrate Social within the App

You must integrate social media into the app. It will make it obvious to users to share with others. So, you can get more users for your application.

Integrate Social within the App

These are the effective ways to promote your android app. We will also help you to promote your app by showcasing it on our website, you will get a huge response from our millions of users.

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