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The Most Innovative Apps in the World

Word Lens, CamMe, and PhotoMath are some of the most innovative apps in the world. Others are SoundHound, Be My Eyes, Duolingo, and Trading Game. The question is how this list came together. Remember, Google Play Store has 3.6 million apps while the Apple App Store has 2.1 million apps. Well, the seven apps mentioned above solve pressing needs in today’s society. In fact, they address these needs creatively and conclusively. Here is an honest review of these applications.

1. Word Lens

Coming across texts written in a different language is inevitable in today's world. In previous decades, a human translator was necessary if you wanted to know what a sign or text meant. Then gradually, all that you needed was access to a computer and the internet. Surprisingly, all that you need today is the Word Lens app. This app eliminates your need for a human translator or an internet connection. Instead, you can point to the text with your camera, and Word Lens will translate it for you.

2. CamMe

Unfortunately, we have no choice but to hold the phone at close range when we take selfies. Consequently, taking a group photo is a challenging task because there is a short distance between the camera and the group. Remember, the average length of the human arm is 2.4 feet.

Bluetooth selfie sticks helped a bit because holding the camera at a range of 5.4 feet became possible. Fortunately, CamMe solved this problem altogether. More specifically, it made it possible for you to take a selfie without holding your phone at all. Instead, hand gestures within a range of 22 feet would activate the camera on your smartphone.

3. PhotoMath


A quick search for answers to historical questions would yield results in seconds. This easy access to answers motivates you to conduct additional research if you are wrong. Conversely, it encourages you to tackle other questions if you are correct. Unfortunately, finding solutions to mathematical questions is a frustrating exercise. You have to work on the problem afresh, ask someone, or wait for your instructor to tell you are wrong or right. Fortunately, this app solves mathematical questions instantaneously. Just point the smartphone camera to the equation, and PhotoMath will give you the solution. This app supports various functions including fractions, linear equations, and algorithms.

4. SoundHound

The SoundHound app is one of the most popular music applications online. In fact, it has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. One of its principal features includes the ability to identify songs that are playing in your background. Another one is searching for a song as you sing or hum it. You can also view lyrics of various songs in addition to streaming songs and exploring playlists.

5. Be My Eyes

Vision impairment affects 285 million people worldwide. They often have trouble purchasing the right products from supermarket shelves in addition to other difficulties. You can help some of them in a small but profound way. Download this app today and answer queries from those who cannot see clearly. For example, you can tell them whether they are buying a can of soup or a can of beans. These people depend on others to help them see so 'Be their eyes.'

6. Duolingo

Learning a new language takes effort, time, and loads of cash. Duolingo eliminates these challenges by creating a system that facilitates the learning of a new language in a fun-fulfilled environment. More specifically, it contains lessons that resemble games. Consequently, people feel like they are playing a game when they are learning a new language. Currently, this app supports thirteen languages including German, French, Spanish, and English. It has 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and counting making it a highly popular language-based app.

7. The Trading Game

Unlike most trading apps, this one focuses on multiple items including gold and oil. Other tradable things include shares, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, trading in several markets including the stock, Forex, commodities, and digital currency market is possible if you have this app. You can learn more about trading when you use the Trading Game because it offers you illustrations, tips, and analyses. Moreover, this app has quizzes to jog your memory. It has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store which means that many traders are already using it to make handsome profits.

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