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In-App Live Chat Support: The Key Benefits that Make It Trending

Customer service always plays an elementary role in helping a business to stay competitive and loved by the audience. But providing round the clock customer service and quality support can really be challenging and expensive. Live chat support within an app can help a business stay awake and responsive to customer queries all through the days and nights and that too, requiring just a small investment.

Live chat feature almost became a trend for business apps across the spectrum. The feature without requiring a hefty investment can easily allow customers to interact with the customers with ease. Thanks to an integrated in-app live chat feature, customers can instantly share their thoughts and give opinions about products and services. Well, it is just not an alternative to regular customer support for answering queries and communicating with customers.

Live chat features within an app actually offer a better alternative to traditional customer service and support for many reasons. Here are some of the key advantages of live chat support within a business app

It is a Cost-Saving Alternative to Customer Support

The live chat support is preferred by many businesses with a considerable digital footprint simply because of its capability to carry out multiple chat conversations at one go. It is not uncommon for the regular customer support help desks to make people wait on the phone line until some support executives are available to take calls and respond. This is common for many customer services because of the shortage of manpower.

Live chat support offers a great solution to this problem. Your customer support doesn't need to depend on the availability of the support team to answer calls and respond to queries. Without hiring a great many people for your support team you can provide customer support and answer their queries through integrated in-app chat support. The feature can handle multiple queries with a single chat support feature.

Boosts Business Conversion

A sharp boost to business conversion is another reason to opt for in-app chat support. While using an app if you need to make calls through a phone app or use text messaging or another app to get in touch with the company support, it can be counterproductive in terms of business conversion or sales. Many customers will leave the app simply because of taking the pain of communicating through different apps. This is where in-app chat support can play a vital role.

Even if an app user just doesn't take a serious interest in your products or services, their curious questions and queries can be answered through chat support and eventually they can be convinced about the product offerings. Moreover, they can opt for in-app chat support from anywhere and anytime through multiple devices. This will help deliver a better user experience leading to increased business conversion.

Custom and Real-time Solution

Live chat support within a mobile app can also allow a lot of customization and personalized query handling by integrating state of the art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). An in-app live chat feature can be very well informed about customer behavior and various attributes and accordingly tweak the communication for individual customer communication.

Moreover, live chat support in most apps tends to be real-time involving zero wait time for getting answers to the queries. It works around the clock query handling solution for all sorts of customer queries and questions. With a streamlined, real-time and highly personalized communication based on user contexts and previous queries, live chat within an app can provide comprehensive and 360-degree support.

Improved User Experience

Another big advantage of live chat support is the way this feature helps improve the user experience of the app. For every user it is extremely important to get things done without any difficulty and with as minimal effort as possible, live chat support in many ways just helps users with that. This is why live chat support has emerged as a key attribute of improved user experience for the vast majority of users.

A pleasant experience starts with the manner a live chat feature addresses every user or customer personally by calling their individual names. A live chat can also communicate with customers keeping their cultural and social attributes in mind and this helps the users to have a fellow-feeling for the communicator on the other side of the chat conversation. Prompt replies coupled with user-centric communication together help improve the user experience.

Great Scope to Make Promotions

The same customer support system based on live chat function can also create better scopes for promoting products and services. Based on the user information fetched over time through conversation, the live chat function can also send highly personalized notifications to the users and help generate leads. Thanks to a living chat conversation, businesses always can have a better idea about customer preferences and can send promotional offers accordingly.

Generating Positive Ratings and Reviews

Most of the buying decisions these days are shaped by the reviews and opinions of other customers and subscribers. This is why, generating positive reviews, earning higher ratings and creating positive social media buzz have become so important for the business brands around the world. Well, live chat can play a great role in driving home positive messages and generating good reviews and ratings.

Through a live chat, you can always ask your users to review the app and rate the services or products. This is particularly important when you have had a satisfactory conversation with a customer who already signaled for a positive impression about the brand and its offerings.

Beating The Competition

For many business niches and industries, there is an all-time high competition. Business brands in niches like travel, iPhone and Android app development Company, e-commerce, and retail simply struggle for every single inch of competitive space. This is why most businesses delivering advanced features and better user experience are crucial aspects to stand above the competition. Fortunately, live chat support can help brands deliver the most sophisticated customer support and gain an edge over the competition.

For businesses, new customer acquisition is always more challenging and expensive than retaining existing customers. This is where the integration of live chat support within an existing app can help tremendously. The live chat support can help attract new customers and make life easier for the existing customers who are looking for some additional value over and above what is already common across other brands.


Thanks to capability to help customers with real-time responses to their queries and because of the ability to deliver an easy and effortless user experience for every app user, an app with live chat support can easily emerge as a winner among the multitude of apps in a niche. Though for common query handling intelligent algorithm based chatbots can prove to be sufficient, for ensuring standout excellence in query handling you also need customer service representatives versed with the chat skills to communicate with customers.

About The Author
Chirag Mudsa

Chirag Mudsa is the CEO of leading web and mobile app development company, CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. He is a goal-driven tech evangelist for a long time of 17 years, specializing in web and mobile development domains. His innovative spirit, strong leadership skills and a profound commitment to organizational growth have given him a key leading position in the industry.

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