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The best new mobile games of 2022 : available for download and upcoming

A dozen years ago, we could not imagine that we would be able to play high-quality games on modern  smartphones. But the days have passed when the phone was used exclusively for communication with family and friends. Now the developers of mobile games offer us applications of incredible quality. The better the technology, the higher the competition among developers. And it is for this reason that we can see how mobile gaming has changed recently. The graphic component is not inferior to the computer, the control is becoming more and more intuitive, and the plots capture from the first minutes of using the application.

2021 was very successful for apps companies, and mobile players appreciated the developers' novelties. Taking into account all genres and trends, companies continue to delight players around the world with new products. In the article we will tell you which applications were included in the list of the best mobile games this year.

1.  Apex Legends.

A game in the genre of the "Battle Royale", in which the unusual abilities of the characters are combined with unique weapons, finally appeared in the format of a mobile application. Apex  was first released in 2019 for consoles and computers. But after seeing how popular Apex is, the developers decided to create a version for Android and iOS players. The mobile version became available for download in May of this year. Electronic Arts took care of the fact that all the characters, locations and graphic style of the original were preserved in the game. Legends are the characters  who are endowed with unique abilities: passive, tactical and special skills.

In the mobile version,  the developers suggest starting a Battle Royale  for 60 players, dividing 3 people into 20 teams, or trying yourself in the arena in multi-round dynamic 3-on-3 battles. Apex Legends mobile does not focus on realism. Perhaps this is what attracts users around the world. And the streamer for this game does not even have to buy youtube subscribers to become popular on the network. It is enough for them to make an announcement that in the next live broadcast, the YouTuber will participate in the Royal Battle and fight for the first place.

2. Diablo Immortal.

As expected, Blizzard's Diablo Immortal has become one of the main novelties for MMORPG fans. A hack-and-slash game with a variety of letsplay instantly became popular. Players can try out the novelty both alone and in cooperative mode by teaming up with friends. First you need to choose which character from the whole set of presented you choose. Each of them is distinguished by the uniqueness of the gameplay. In the future, you will be able to customize the gameplay to your desires by choosing convenient weapons and cool equipment. The game became available for download in June for iOS and Android users.

3. Racing Master.

The racing game developed by NetEase and Codemasters promised to give players an exciting racing experience. And they kept their promise, the game was created on an innovative new engine, it has a lot of licensed luxury cars and amazing race tracks that even the most picky players would appreciate. Racing Master has excellent quality graphics and a variety of game modes, with which you create the most realistic, but at the same time clear gameplay.

4. Battlefield Mobile.

In May, one of the series of the game became available, which won the hearts of many players around the world. Up to this point, Battlefield was only available for consoles and computers, but now everyone who has a smartphone can enjoy the game. You and your team will take part in battles on both new and old maps and modes. Gradually, you will discover various weapons and gadgets for them. Various vehicles and vehicles are also involved in the battles. The game took from the computer version the beloved chaos and maturity. This effect is achieved with the help of excellent graphics and destructibility of buildings on the game map.

5. Valorant Mobile.

Not all the best mobile games of this year managed to appear on Google Play and AppStore. The popular first-person shooter by Riot Games will be released on mobile devices after a successful debut on PC. This 5v5 competitive game is ready to take smartphone gaming to a new level. Players will be able to choose their character from a large list of agents who have their own set of skills and a variety of weapons. There are many game modes, but the most popular is the basic one with the attack team against the defense. Many streamers have gained popularity thanks to live broadcasts on Valorant. They didn't even have to buy real youtube subscribers and ask for raids on Twitch. Since the game is very popular, streamers collect good online and earn money from it. We hope that the mobile version of the game will be no less cool!

Of course, we have not talked about all the high-profile mobile gaming novelties of this year. In addition to those described above, we are still waiting for the release of Grand Theft Auto : The Trilogy, Clash Heroes, Propnight Mobile, Garena's Undawn and others. And to brighten up the expectation, we suggest you evaluate the games that are already available in the markets. Have a nice game!

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