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The 4 best alarm apps for Android: Choose yours!

Probably only use a few seconds every day, but I am afraid that it is one of the most important applications on your mobile. We all need a good alarm application on our Android devices, which will help us wake up in the morning and start the day on the right foot. Many still use the tool that includes your mobile by default, perhaps without knowing that in the application store there are other alternatives much more complete and interesting.

It does not matter if you simply want to wake up to go to class or to work every day at the same time, or if your intention is to improve your sleep habits - in that case, we also recommend you take a look at our selection of best apps to get fit and improve health-. In this article we select the best alarm applications that can be downloaded on Android.

Google Clock

The clock tool of Google arrives installed by default in Pixel phones, Android One and those of other companies that have decided to resort to this solution instead of developing their own applications. Perhaps because it is one of the simplest and easiest to use, but that in turn does not forget some of the interesting features that we will not find in other alternatives

Besides allowing you to create and activate all the alarms you want, the Google application has options such as integration with Spotify so that each morning we wake up one of our favorite songs, the possibility of choosing the frequency with which the alarm sounds, and even synchronization with WearOS watches, so that if the watch is worn at night, the alarm will vibrate and sound - if the smartwatch has a speaker - directly on it, and not on the smartphone.


Once it was one of the most famous Android clock and alarm applications, accumulating millions of downloads on Google Play. In January 2014, Google crossed paths with Timely, acquiring the company responsible for its development and eliminating each and every one of the in-app payments it included, and making it free for all. Today, it is still a fantastic alternative, with a great customizable design and dozens of functions. A rumor says that this application will be applied tag heuer carrera calibre 5.

Shake-it alarm

If challenges are your thing and it also costs you to wake up every morning, Shake It Alarm is the application you need. To deactivate the alarms, the application proposes different ways of doing it: shaking the mobile, shouting or holding it down at a point on the screen. In addition, to make the game even more interesting, there is a random mode that will propose a different challenge each morning.

Good morning alarm clock

Selected as one of the best applications of its category by Google Play editors, "Good Morning Awakener" certainly deserved to enter this selection of best mobile alarm apps. The application claims to be an intelligent alarm, which is based on our sleep habits to wake up at the optimal time. Once awake, we will be able to access a panel with statistics, and in case our habits have changed, we will be notified accordingly.

I hope this information is helpful.

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