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Reasons Why Your Business App Needs A Chat SDK

Modern consumers use their mobile phones more often than a computer. E-mails are checked from their phones, social media posts are composed of it, and buying things online is usually done using smartphones. While most work is still done from a desktop computer or a laptop, sending and receiving messages are often done from a phone, and it makes sense that your business app has a chat SDK integration.

What Is Chat SDK and API?

It is a software development kit that you can easily integrate on a mobile app, in this case, your business app, to add a messaging feature. Just imagine your business app, integrated with a live messaging feature - that's what chat SDK is all about. A chat API is an application program interface that provides access to a chat service. Chat API from CometChat does not only help your business generate more sales, but it is also considered to be a better alternative to third party chat software applications that your entire organization may use.

Importance Of Chat SDK In Your Business App:

1. Create Group Chats For Organizations

E-mails may still be the best way to relay important information to your business organization. Still, most often, it's easier to send messages back and forth to a group of people, and your chat integration can do that for you. Instant communication can be done, which means that you can increase your team's efficiency by adding a simple feature to your business app.

Fun fact: Did you know that 95% of messages are opened within five minutes upon receiving them? Talk about instant messaging. This means that you can speak with one or more business colleagues and send a message across the team in real-time.

You may also set and turn on push notifications to ensure that everyone in the organization gets notified every time they receive a message. This is an important feature that you'd want to take advantage of.

2. Build Customer Rapport

If not used within the business organization, having this feature available for your customers also increases customer engagement, resulting in more sales. When customers can speak with someone from the team, you can easily build their rapport, making it easier to provide product or service recommendations that they need. You need the customer to trust you before they make that purchase, and one of the fastest and simplest ways to build that trust is by providing your customers the means to speak with someone from your team.

With chat SDK on your business app, potential buyers can seamlessly communicate with a customer service representative for common questions, ask help, or general inquiries. You can then quickly convert that inquiry into a sale as you'll be able to answer all customer questions, making it easier for them to make the buying decision.

3. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has been the new trend these days. Files are sent back and forth, and most of the time, they need to be saved somewhere. With chat SDK integration, you can keep those files stored in the cloud for a limited period that you set. This is an important feature when using it for your day-to-day business communications.

4. Confidential And Secure Information

Why build your own when there are third-party apps that you can use for your business and customers? First and foremost, if you develop your chat SDK, you own the messaging platform used in your business app. This means that you can control the security measures and keep the messages confidential and secure without having a third party access these sensitive pieces of information. You may apply safe data practices, add encryption and other security features however you like. This means that everything sent in and out from your chat application remains safe and secure and stays within the organization.

The same thing applies when you're using it to communicate with your clients. You need to show your customers that you value their security, and the first thing to do is to provide them with an encrypted messaging channel to ensure that all of their details are safe and private.

5. Scalable

Whether used for your organization or as a customer support channel, chat SDK is scalable. You can start with a small group and scale it up depending on your business needs. For instance, if your business app gets more customer inquiries, you can then move your limitations up to accommodate more chat groups that can be opened instantaneously.

Chat SDK is by far one of the best development plans that you can implement for your business app. Regardless of your goal, you can make communication in general seamless, flawless, and secured without the added price tag. It comes with multiple extensions, both free and premium, that you can use for integration, depending on your needs. Regardless, it is something that every business app should utilize - and if you're not using it yet, you're missing out.

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