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Read Texts Free Without Installing on Target Phone

We all know that is it possible to read our boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse's text messages by installing software onto their mobile phone. This is not ethical and most people would not want to invade the privacy of another person. A much better way is to read the texts online. This article tells you how you can do this without installing software on the target phone.

Reason for Read someones Texts

Most people read their partner's text messages to find out if they are cheating. There are however many other reasons for wanting to monitor texts . The main reason is for security purposes. If your child or employee has a mobile phone it is important that you keep track of who they are communicating with and what they are saying. Mobile phones have made life much easier but they have also made it much simpler to make yourself vulnerable.

The most common way to enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone is to use software that has been installed on the target phone. This is very easy and not costly but it does have a major disadvantage. If the person using the mobile phone becomes aware of this it will be rendered useless for your purposes. There are ways around  this though. You can use a mobile phone reading service that works on any mobile web browser and does not require any software installation on the target phone. All you need to do is enter the number of the person whose texts you want to read and then follow their instructions on how to access these messages.

One popular website that offers this service is mSpy. They work by sending a text message to the target phone instructing it to forward all texts destined for that device to your own mobile phone. The cost of this service is much lower than other types but you do have to pay a small monthly fee. Because they do not require any software on the phone, you can read texts "free" without installing on target phone.

Features of mSpy

mSpy is a text message reading service that works with any phone and can be used on Android phones, iPhones, Blackberrys and Symbian devices. The great thing about their program is that it does not require any software to be installed on the target phone. That means you do not have to ask permission from the person whose texts you want to read, you simply enter their number like you would for any other phone and start reading. If anything the fact that they do not require access to the device make it seem more legitimate since no one can see or know about it (unless they don't tell anyone).

The best part is how simple it is to use this software. Once you have downloaded the program all you have to do is enter the phone number of the person whose texts you want to read and start receiving them within seconds. You can see why it's so tempting for teens but also for adults, even if they are only curious about who their loved one has been texting or talking with.

When it comes to costs here is where things get a little bit tricky. While the website itself states that it is free to download and use, according to lots of different opinions out there it seems like you have to pay for some sort of subscription once your trial ends. Of course this means that you will be charged every month or so if you continue using this software but it's a small price to pay knowing that you can read other people's texts from their phone without installing anything on their phone.

So what are you waiting for? If you want, enter the cell phone number of the person whose texts you want to read and start receiving them within seconds. You can see why it's so tempting for teens but it's not just minors who use this software for many other purposes.

No technical experience is required if you want to install this on your phone, simply follow the instructions on the website and voila, it will be installed within seconds. You can read texts without having to worry about jailbreaking or rooting your own device because it works with any operating.


mSpy is popular app that allow the user to read the target iPhone sms, iMessages and email messages. Spy software can be used in case you suspect your child may be caught up in illegal activities or they could simply just want to know what they are texting about because all their texts are sent to your online account that you have created. Also with mSpy, you can read the target iPhone's sms and iMessages without having to jailbreak or root your own device.

Or do you want catch cheating spouse ? this site is for you. Yep, it's easy to read messages with mSpy.

mSpy allows its user to read texts messages from an android phone or the messages are sent to your online dashboard that you have created, which means you won't have to access the target phone physically every time.

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