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How To Promote An App – Methods To Always Consider

There are millions of apps available in the Android App Store alone, with numbers getting higher and higher every single month. Launching an app is not at all as easy as in the past since competition is higher than ever. It is really important to launch an app only after you have a good strategy set up so that you increase your chances of success. Simply launching the app and hoping it will be successful does not work.

There are many ways to promote apps these days and you need to use as many as you can, with those mentioned below being highly effective.

Social Media

In order to promote an app you absolutely need to have a good social media presence these days. Using popular networks like Facebook and Twitter allows you to connect with the current and future audience. This is possible through 2 ways:

  • Organic – This is achieved as people interact with Facebook pages, Twitter profiles and Instagram profiles. The trick is to be sure that you do not spam and stand out as being too promotional.
  • Paid – CTR rates for mobile apps are higher than ever. You can easily take advantage of PPC in social media, just like you would with AdWords management. The only difference is that it would be more effective through social media.

Public Relations

People tell you that there is no bad press. Although this is incorrect, if press does not exist, it is really bad. Mentions in the media and from influencers are highly effective at generating credibility and buzz. You can do this in so many different ways as you promote an app but some options to take into account include press releases, launch parties with media invited, guest blogging and interviews with tech bloggers or local newspapers.

ASO – App Store Optimization

This is practically work that is similar to SEO and that you do for the mobile apps you launch. App store optimization is really important since the market is oversaturated and you need to be discovered. The problem is that proper ASO is not that easy. However, you need to focus on at least the following:

  • A Unique application name.
  • Using keywords in the presentation page.
  • Description – The description of the event needs to articulate the real value of the app. It also has to be frequently updated.
  • Videos and screenshots – These are needed since people have to see them.
  • Ratings – Me sure that you get some reviews as these are more important than ever.

Influencer Marketing

This is something that few app developers ever consider but it is much more effective than what many think. People that have a huge following can be pivotal in generating numerous downloads and sales for a mobile app. The problem is picking someone that is totally appropriate, according to what the app’s goals are.

Connections in the tech industry are always important and have to be considered. Also, celebrities can also do wonders. Just make sure that you carefully pick the right personalities because of the fact that endorsement coming from someone that is not appropriate can do a lot of long-term damage.

About The Author
Veselina Dzhingarova

Veselina Dzhingarova, co-founder ESBO, currently works as a branding and marketing consultant, bringing together the knowledge and intuition that she has developed over many years spent working in relevant fields.

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