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Most Popular Apps For Your Android Smartphone

People love to use their smartphones for their comfort on a daily basis. No matter what you are looking for, there is an app for almost every purpose. Here are a few apps that you definitely must have.

Opera Mini

This is the best browser for your Smartphone. It loads really quickly and has an ad blocker to prevent you from accidentally clicking on advertisements and wasting your time. This browser also helps to save your data and lets you know when you're running low.

AVG Antivirus

This is a free antivirus software that keeps your device free from any viruses, malware, spyware & online exploitation in real-time. It also helps to scan apps and files that you receive ensuring your phone is secure.

Clean Master

This is one of the most popular apps downloaded on Android devices. It helps clean your phone, it also provides a speed booster and battery saver. This app comes with a free antivirus as well which automatically scans all files downloaded to the phone.

Go Backup

Go Backup is an amazing app that helps backup and restore user data, apk files, system setting, and lot more. This app can be handy in the event of a lost phone or even formatting of a phone due to software updating.

Battery Defender – Battery Saver

If you're constantly running low on your battery, this is an app you need to install. it helps extend your battery life and it's free!

MS Office Mobile

If you need to access your files or documents while on the go, this app is an absolute must have. IT helps support all MS file formats and even allows you to edit them using your Smartphone.

Google Reader

Google reader is the best RSS reader for Android devices. The app features various themes and online support and provides continuous feeds on topics selected by you.

News 360

Who needs the newspaper when you have this app installed on your Smartphone. You can stay updated with the latest news from around the world on your Smartphone and you can also choose the categories you're most interested in. The news feed is live and you will get updates all day. Why wait for the morning newspaper to get your daily news dose.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the most convenient app to have on your device. This app can read all PDF files on your Android device and focuses on simplicity and speed. You could even use the snipping tool from Windows along with this app. If you are wondering Where is the Snipping Tool on Windows? Then check this link.

MX Player

MX player supports all file formats and also helps you hear the audio. This is a full screen video player that also supports subtitles. If you're a movie buff, this is a must have app on your phone.


Dictionary.com is the most popular dictionary in the world and is easily the most educational and useful app to install on your android device. You can check spellings, find meanings, give antonyms, and do just about anything you want it to when it comes to words.


Truecaller is the perfect app to have on your android device. Don't you hate it when a call from an unknown number flashes on your phone and you are trying to avoid someone. Truecaller will tell you who the person is by searching through its online directory and give you the name of the caller.


Gone are the days of transferring data via Bluetooth, infra red, and even via USB. Superbeam is the fastest way to transfer data from one android device to another. Data as large as 1 GB can be transferred in a matter of seconds.

Appy Geek

Appy Geek is the number tech news app for your Android device. The app provides daily news from over 1,500 trusted news sources around the world. Some of the news categories include gadgets, mobiles, video games, wearable's, science, art, product info, and tech culture.

ES File Explorer File Manager

This app is an absolute must have for all Android Smartphone owners. It helps you find all your files easily since it sorts it out for you. You can find files that are really old and otherwise tough to locate using this app. You can also sort out your data and shift your items from the phone memory to the external memory and vice versa.

TuneIn Radio

If you love music and you're not satisfied with the radio in your phone. Download this app and tune in to the radio stations across the globe. Now enjoy your favorite music, radio jockeys and FM stations with this handy app.

Inbox by Gmail

This is a great app that enables you to access your Gmail account on the phone. It also helps you organize your mails and reminds you about emails that you haven't read yet.

Uber or Lyft

Hiring a cab is something that everyone needs to do even if is every once in a while and with apps like Uber and Lyft, it makes life easy. These apps tell you how long you need to wait for a cab, when the next cab is available and exactly where your booked cab has reached. Hiring these cabs always turn out to be more cost effective in comparison to traditional cabs since they have discounts and prices that are fixed and do not vary.


With this app, you will never have to worry about a stolen or lost package that was due for delivery when you were not available. A Doorman repetitive will pick up the parcel on your behalf and will keep it with them for up to 30 days. They come and pick up the package whenever you need them and it helps you keep your ordered items safe till you return.

Hotel Tonight

IF your travel plans didn't work out as planned, you need to have the Hotel Tonight app on your phone. This app will help you get the best deals on hotels at the last minute and ensure you find the perfect place to stay within minutes. It is easy to use and very effective.

Dark Sky

This app is great and it predicts the weather quite accurately. It tells you when you need to carry your umbrella and what the weather will be like in the exact location you are at, not just the city. This is the only app on the list that is not free, you need to pay $3.99 to get the app, but it is worth the investment.

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