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We present the best apps for Android watches

Today, some of the best smartwatches you can get run Wear OS (formerly known as Android Wear), and for them there are plenty of applications that provide them with all kinds of practical capabilities. Believe us: the best apps for Android watches do much more than bring notifications to your wrist. They can entertain you, track your fitness, your health, even help you in your daily organization.

We have made a selection of the best Wear OS applications, starting with some that were improved for the launch of Android Wear 2.0. Most of these still depend on an application associated with your smartphone, although some already offer independent functionality. In any case, all are indispensable for your watch.

Facer Watch Faces

If you are not in love with the faces that come with your Wear OS smartwatch, you should take a look at this application, which contains more than 15,000 different options. You'll find original designs, faces inspired by movies and TV shows, and much more. You can even design your own face and share it.

Wear Casts

Podcasts are a great company when you're working, and this Wear OS application lets you listen to them directly from your smart watch. It can be set to automatically update your favorite podcasts with the latest episodes, and only use your phone to import podcasts, which means you can then leave your mobile at home and take only a few Bluetooth headphones with you.


Bring is the ideal shopping list application for your Wear OS watch. With this simple application, you can create groups of friends, family or colleagues and share shopping lists for different events. In addition, it is extremely easy to add products through tagged icons, and you can even add your own photos.

Infinity Loop

Most games for smart watches are frustrating, due to the limited amount of screen space, however, this game works perfectly on your wrist. Infinity Loop is a simple and relaxing puzzle that you can do while waiting at the bus stop or in the supermarket queue.


If you think that making video calls from your wrist with your smart watch is practical and even fun, then you must download Glide. Although you must install it on your paired phone to make it work, once you do, you can receive and watch video messages on your wrist. How did you want! In addition, you can also send audios and record videos if your watch has a front camera.


With this app you can send voice or text messages, explore your history or create group chats. In addition, it has been updated for Android Wear 2.0. and admits emojis, stickers and some themes.


This is a health-conscious application, which tracks food and water intake to help you achieve the right balance. You can set your personal health goals and Lifesum will guide you with a personalized plan that also includes tips and exercises.


If you want an alternative to Google Fit, Strava is worth it. It is available in Android Wear 2.0 as a stand-alone application that can track your careers and other sports activities. If you go by bicycle or on the go, don't worry because you can leave your phone at home and continue recording your progress.

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