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How to Market Your New Mobile App or Game

With the internet flooded with millions of apps in application stores, having a new app gain attention and get downloads requires a critical, meticulously crafted marketing strategy.

While there is an increase in the use of mobile applications and games, introducing a new app to the market can be cumbersome. It is a brave struggle, and developers need to get a grip on a few factors. They should understand their target audience and establish a strong communication structure that will enable them to reach and communicate with their clients.

The success of your mobile app or game highly depends on your marketing strategy. Below are a few tips on how to market your new mobile app or game.

Use Social Media

Social media is the new marketing tool that most businesses and agencies use to reach a wider audience. To market your new mobile app, you can utilize social media platforms to create awareness.

On social media, do not only share your links on the platforms. Make yourself share-worthy and click-worthy by engaging your audience and being entertaining. You should be creative to know how to tease your audience by catchy phrases that will have someone check out your new app.

Pitch to Tech Blogs

There are tech blogs that review new products released to the market. These blogs have administrators who use the latest applications first before outlining their experiences with the app in the blog. 

Pitching your new app or game to these tech blogs is a giant step towards making it known to a broader audience. These blogs enjoy high traffic of people interested in new technology products. Having your blog reviewed and its intricacies outlined in the blog will have it released to the world. It will enable anyone reading the review knowing how it works and links to access it.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO) involves optimizing your app to rank higher on search results on the app stores. It helps your app convert at a higher rate as once it is ranked, it will continue to rank for months after. Your app will be more visible to potential clients with more top rankings.

To have your app rank higher on search results, use a select choice of words. The title used should be attention-grabbing. It should hook and attract users into clicking to discover the app. 

Place the keywords strategically in the title to appear when users search those words. Include the features and benefits accrued from using the app. You can include screenshots and videos for value addition and promotional purposes.


To market your new app or game efficiently, promotions will come in handy in ensuring more app downloads and installation. Utilize social media by running promotions on different platforms. It ensures that the users not only know the existence of the app but also get enticed into using it.

You can add an in-app feature that allows your users to share your links with their friends and family. Further enrich this by having credits, discounts, or awards for users with most referrals. This will result in increased awareness and more app or game downloads.

Paid Advertisements

The use of paid advertisements is a vital tool in marketing your new application or game. Once your app or game launches, make a list of advertising agencies and platforms that are efficient for user acquisition. 

Your paid advertisements should target particular demography that benefits from your new app or game. Depending on the demography, some social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter can be looped in by the use of social ads.

In the use of social ads, they should be short and precise. People have a short attention span, and your advertisement should be within a few minutes. Google search ads may be a consideration if you are looking to provide solutions to your users.

Outreach Initiatives

Once your app or game launches, make it a top priority to reach the industry key players. These industry key players can be influencers, publications, and blogs. It can also include writers from top academic writing companies for reviews. Reaching out to them will help in getting backlinks to your site and, therefore, help in creating awareness for your new product in the market.

The outreach activity can be actualized by creating a list of the industry key players. Creating the link will enable the effective and efficient making of contact. If it involves writing a pitch, ensure your pitch is short and concise. Outreach initiatives will get backlinks to your site resulting in more discoveries by users.

Use Infographics

The joy of any developer is when the users understand how an app or game works. The understandability of an app or game directly translates on its downloads and installation.

Create an infographic and share it via social media for the public to view. It should contain steps on how to use the app, or if it is a game, how to play. Ensure that people share it widely; that way, its presence will be felt in technological circles.

Use a Landing Page

A landing page is what serves as the entry point to your website. To market your app or game on your landing page, make a brief and precise description of your app.

The landing page may also have a video advertising your app or game. It may also be customized to showcase 5-star reviews of your app, which highly promotes your app or game.

In conclusion, marketing a new app or game is essential as it determines its reception in the market and its users. People should understand the importance and know how to market a new app or game. 

About The Author
Leona Henryson

Leona Henryson – freelance writer and UX designer. Also, she is a contributing writer for various blogs. When she is not writing or designing, she is swimming, hiking, and, weather permitting, snowboarding.

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