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6 Best Mobile Apps That Will Help You Study Better

Good mobile apps are like superpowers, especially for students. You can use these to learn anything faster, enhance your memory, and boost your productivity to always be ahead of others.

Being a college student, you may have so much on your plate that you get little time for yourself. Besides, you might be frustrated with a difficult assignment, have a hard time memorizing facts, or may not get time for your social life. Challenges are endless.

However, mobile apps can rescue you from academic problems and make your life incredibly easy. And for particularly difficult assignments, you can opt for a do my homework service and take some load off your shoulders.

This article puts together a list of the six powerful apps every student should have for greater learning and academic success.

6 Must-Have Apps to Score Brilliant Grades

1. My Study Life

If you have ever failed to complete an assignment on time, you know it’s annoying. But when you use a smart planner app like My Study Life, you never miss an important task.

My Study Life is a free and easy-to-use app that lets you keep track of all the events and organize your college life. You can store your class, study, homework, and exam schedules in the cloud and get reminders on your device.

The app shows an integrated view of your academic life to know which task clashes with another. You can easily save your classes that are scheduled every other week or day using the rotation feature.

The app syncs the data between your phone, desktop, and tablet so you can use it on multiple devices, even offline.

2. Quizlet

Is there anything more challenging than studying and revising for your exams?

This is why Quizlet is on the list. It’s an excellent study app you can use for various subjects, including math, languages, science, arts, and humanities.

You can create custom flashcards for a subject or use those created by thousands of other students and teachers. Making summary notes helps you revise for your exams and boost your grades.

You can practice tests and attempt past papers to analyze your preparation. The science-backed interactive tools and fun games help you memorize information so that you never forget the details.

You can also complete your assignments with the help of the solutions to the common homework questions.

Quizlet’s basic features are free and used by millions of students to enhance their learning.

3. Duolingo

Want to master a language? You won’t find a better app than Duolingo.

Whether studying abroad or learning a second language, Duolingo can work wonders to improve your language skills. The app shares simple lessons to improve on 30+ languages, including Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc.

You can practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening on the app to enhance your sentence structure and pronunciation. The app uses games and science-backed activities to make education fun and effective.

You can also use Duolingo to take tests, get feedback, and track your progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction. The bite-sized lessons ensure you are constantly getting better without any stress.

Use the app to find out for yourself why The Wall Street Journal calls it “the best free language learning app.”

3. Mathway

If you struggle to solve math questions, you need to install this app.

Mathway is a problem-solving software that provides solutions to complex math problems. You can study and understand the steps required to arrive at the correct answer to a question.

Whether algebra, trigonometry, statistics, or calculus, you can use the app to solve a variety of problems with all levels of complexity.

The moment you type your question or snap a photo of the problem using your phone, your question is solved. This way, you can easily check the solution whenever you are stuck and get better at the subject even when you don’t have access to a tutor.

The free version can solve your problems using a smart calculator, but you need to pay a subscription fee to unlock the step-by-step explanations.

5. Notion

Notion is a powerful note-taking software that helps you stay on top of your studies.

The app gives you a space to make detailed or short notes using text and media for your subjects. You can organize information and easily locate your notes later to review.

Notion lets you capture your thoughts and ideas so that you have creative solutions for your assignments and projects. You can share your notes and add comments to collaborate with your peers.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to drag and drop to create super-customized dashboards. Notion also gives you several tools to manage tasks, prepare to-do lists, and track projects so that you are always ahead.

Since the app is 100% free for students, there is absolutely no reason not to use the app.

6. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Whether English is your mother tongue or not, you must work on your vocabulary to improve your academic writing. Merriam-Webster Dictionary is one of the finest apps for this purpose.

You can easily search for the meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and use of a word for better understanding. The app has word games that let you test your skills and learn new words to expand your vocabulary. Besides, the Word of the Day feature ensures you absorb one word every day.

You can use the voice search feature to instantly search for a word. The audio pronunciations on the app are voiced by English speakers to teach you the correct pronunciation. You can use the dictionary offline and mark your favorite words to review later.

So, now you can show off big words in your essays to impress your tutors and friends.

Summing Up

Study apps are blessings for students. They help you boost your learning, prepare for exams and organize your life for remarkable academic performance. Your smartphone can be your best study partner if you learn to use it right. The above apps are some of such student-oriented software meant to accelerate your academic growth. Besides, each of these apps is supported on Android and iOS devices to solve a specific problem and make you a little app-ier. So, download them now and get the ball rolling.

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