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How to create an Instagram post with VistaCreate

Having a business or an active lifestyle, you will probably try integrating your activity into the Instagram format. Posting publications and stories and keeping in touch with your community suggest you be good at delivering visual and text messages on this platform. However, to attract your followers' attention, distinguish the means best for one purpose or another. How can blank Instagram templates of VistaCreate help you reach better performance?

Why do you need a well-designed image?

We mentioned that using Instagram for business or blogging means knowing how to use pictures, text, and combinations to retain people’s attention. Initially, Instagram was a platform for visual content, so picture quality plays a crucial role.

You need a well-designed image for your posts for the following reasons:

  • First, it works as an eye-catcher. Usually, people scroll through their feed and stop if something interesting appears. Thus, usual photos of products may not be attractive enough to make a potential customer visit your page; the same works for services. Here, the stylish design of a picture can be a game-changer depending on what you offer.
  • Second, pictures are a visual aid and proof for the text you attach. Whether you present some product or idea – it’s more comfortable for people to perceive information with visualization.
  • Third, a picture design and format make you stand out. By focusing on the idea of designing your posts, you can organize your page better, unify the style according to your concept, and make your brand or name more attractive to the community.

These are some primary reasons to consider. But what does it mean – “well-designed”?

Criteria of a good composition

We consider some criteria of a good picture for an Instagram post:

  • high quality of the photo elements;
  • a specific detail that distinguishes your posts from other people’s;
  • coordination with the page stylistic unity (frames, fonts, filters, etc.);
  • selecting and emphasizing a dominant color;
  • correspondence to the message purpose (do you want to inform, promote, show, invite, etc.).

These points can suggest you a direction for your ideas. Making the page look well is time-demanding, but it can raise your performance. Usually, people prefer more aesthetic pages, at least, because they look beautiful. Thus, you can get more members of your community who will pay attention to your brand or name development and decide if your ideas correspond to their expectations. If yes, they have great potential to become your loyal clientele; if no – they just unfollow.

In this way, by managing the visuals of your page, you can get a long-term advantage of having an active Instagram community.

How to create a picture for a post with VistaCreate?

If you want to enhance your page performance with your image quality, take care of it with an easy-to-use, intuitive editor. VistaCreate is one of such tools to help you work with photos with no hassle. Many functions are available for no charge -- so you can get a perfect result with minimum resources.


The easiest way to create an Instagram post is to follow the link at the beginning of this article. It leads to the Instagram post templates library of the VistaCreate platform. There, you can choose from about 15500 variations of post templates, but if you’ve searched for quite a long time but never found something corresponding, you can change the template as you wish.

To use or edit the template:

  • Click on the image you like.
  • The new tab with editing functions will open. Select an object you want to change or delete.
  • Modify the picture and its elements as you wish.
  • When it looks perfect, and you’re ready to post it, look at the bar above the editing zone. There, you'll find the “Publish” and “Download” buttons.
  • Select an option and enjoy the result!

Thus, you keep the balance between the efforts you make to create good content and the result you get.


Making the picture from scratch is a little more complicated. To start your work, press the “Blank Instagram Post” button. When the new tab opens, you see the blank sheet where you can add objects from the libraries of templates, videos, photos, music, objects, etc. When you choose, you can add some elements to your list of favorites and then return to it later. You can also add all of the above from your computer – just go to the lowest section named “My files” and manage the elements as you wish. As you remain logged in, the uploaded files are available when you work on the other posts too, so you don’t need to upload them again and again.

As you can see, creating an Instagram post is not a big deal when you keep some most critical aspects in mind. Working in the VistaCreate editor makes the process even more pleasant and fast.

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