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Guidelines for iOS App Development Process

It's 2021 and we all have witnessed the enormous demand for mobile apps and app developers across the world in the past years. Mobile app development has become a big market for software companies to earn and most of them are doing well to satisfy their clients. In this article, we are going to discuss the essential steps to follow in the journey of the iOS app development process. This article will show you what are the important requirements to develop a successful iOS app which are followed by the top developers. Without wasting time let's dive in for more.

Important Guidelines to follow in an iOS App development process

Important Guidelines to follow in an iOS App development process

A detailed Research

The roadmap of a successful iOS app development starts with proper in-detail research. It helps you to understand what are the crucial elements you need to put in your upcoming app. Market research makes you aware of which problems are faced by the user while using the app and you can neglect or improve them in your app. It also helps you to know about your competitors and their app development strategy, and by close observation, you can find out drawbacks in their apps. Hence, you will get solid ideas to develop better apps than them for the users.

Follow the Apple App Store Guidelines

When you are done with the research, it’s time to look upon the guidelines issued by Apple for an iOS app. If your app does not fit within the criteria, then the app will not be able to get launched on Apple App Store. It’s better to examine and follow all the factors(guidelines) required to develop an iOS app right from the beginning to avoid later modifications.

This will take your app development process in the right direction from the start. Apple App Store mainly focuses on user satisfaction and makes guidelines according to it like safety, performance, design, legal, and business guidelines. To view guidelines in detail from Apple App Store to develop & publish an iOS app click here.


Wireframing refers to the virtual roadmap or blueprint of your app. Creating wireframing helps you and your team to identify the approximate cost to develop the app and possible challenges to face in the process. The group discussion will pop-up the different app development problems that can occur and their suitable solutions which will save the team's time and energy.


Finally, we came to the most important phase of the app development process. It is seen that the apps with no good design are trash no matter how much they are productive. The design of the app determines whether the user will like the app or not because the design decides the navigation is simple or not. The complex or complicated navigated app ends as an unsuccessful app in the Apple App Store. While designing the app, you must take care of UX/UI.

If your app’s icons, graphics, or animations are not up to the mark, then there are greater chances of your app going to be junk. It is advisable to design your app from the experienced or crazy individual or team about app designing for the best results.

Software Architecture

To find out the stability and scalability of the app, it is necessary that front-end and back-end developers work simultaneously, and this is called the software architecture process. This process ensures the three components of the model view controller (MVC) and they are- software, data, and the user interface of the app.

Front-end back-end development

Now the actual app development process starts where front-end developers are responsible to create a smooth user experience for the app. The front-end developer must perform coding for caching, database synchronization, UI design, and the development of wireframes and mock-ups. Being on the direct side of interaction with the user, front-end developers should do the job preciously.

The role of the back-end developer is to ensure the app functionality by developing full server-side, account management, maintaining user authenticity, performing customization for user experience, usage of social media sites as third-party data integration, and push notification feature. The back-end developers also need to work on the app’s functionality when it is in background mode, sleep mode, or active mode.

The front-end and back-end developers collectively develop an app that requires parallel work with coordination.


When the app development process is completed, it’s time to test your app. Testing finds the drawbacks of the app like bugs, slow performance, or any usability error. Perform your testing process on a low memory device so that you can find maximum errors in the app and fix them. This will minimize the app rejection possibilities from the Apple App Store. Once you are done with testing your app, publish/submit to the App Store for approval.

Regular updates

When your app gets approval from the Apple App Store and gets published over there, it is necessary to provide regular updates to your app. These updates will fulfil the requirements of the most recent iOS updates and policy. Also, updates give apps a boost to meet the expectations of the user which is a constantly changing thing. Regular updates help to improve your app according to the user feedback, so never underestimate the update process and maintain your app’s productivity.

Final thoughts

iOS app development has high standards because of its users. This long journey of app development consists of various important aspects starting from planning to testing the app. Every stage of the iOS app development must be done accurately because there are great chances of getting a rejection from the Apple App Store if they find any minor error also. When the steps mentioned in this article are performed well in the app development process and received positive results at the end of testing, then there are more chances that your app is going to be a successful app on the Apple App Store platform. If you think there is any critical step for iOS app development that is missing in this article, then please mention it in the comment section.

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