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10 Alcohol Tracking Apps For iPhone

By installing alcohol tracking application on your iPhone, you can effectively record and track your alcohol consumption. These apps will enable you to change your drinking habits to a great extent. Additionally, these apps provide many other valuable features that let you figure out BAC level, track your average alcohol intake, download and share reports of alcohol intake and more.

There are many alcohol tracking apps that are available for your iPhone. Let's dive on some of them.

1. Happify

Depression and anxiety are closely associated with alcoholism. Happify is intended to enable you learn positive approaches to cope with these states of mind as opposed to taking part in undesirable practices. The application incorporates more than thirty sound recordings. They will control you toward positive contemplations. The recordings make use of proof based procedures appeared to work in a positive mindfulness, psychology and intellectual behavioral treatment.



2. Leaf

Leaf is one of the best alcohol tracker applications that can enable you to keep a record of alcohol intake on your iPhone. It allows you to effectively track the amount which you are drinking and furthermore alerts when you are going over the limit of alcohol consumption. It exhibits a graphical representation of alcohol consumption and calculates the total units, overall cost, average units per drinking day and non-drinking days per month, and entire calories. For tracking your everyday drinking habits, you can make use of the calendar and choose any day in order to check the number of drinks you have consumed on that specific day. You can set a personal objective by assigning a specific limit on your alcohol intake and get alerted when you exceed the goal limit. Besides, this app provides several challenges, tips and puzzles to enable you to minimize the consumption of alcohol.



3. Daybreak

Regardless of whether you stop drinking completely or attempting to reduce its intake, a good emotionally supportive network can be of major help. Daybreak is intended to enable you to interface with a supportive group and also wellbeing and health mentors. You can keep a track of your progress with set notifications or weekly check-ins when you think that you require check-ins.



4. 12 Steps Companion

This application is based upon 12-step program from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Every step signifies part of the healing and recovery procedure. A sobriety calculator keeps a track of how many hours, days, months and years you have been sober.

12 Steps Companion


5. Drunkalyzer

It is the other great alcohol tracker app that you let you keep a track of alcohol intake with ease. One of the elite features of this application is that it has an estimated (real-time) BAC chart which presents the BAC level with respect to the time. The results shown in this BAC chart are calculated as per the drinks logged by you. At the chart bottom, you will also find your consciousness state, for example, Sober, Inebriated, Tipsy, etc. and interpret what may be the symptoms (impairments and behavior) of that specific state by tapping on it.



6. Drink Tracker

It is another yet effective application to monitor your alcohol consumption. If you want to log your drinks using Drink Tracker app, you just need to go to the 'Drinks' tab and click the 'Have Another' button. You can track and control all the alcohol intake records on the Drink tab. This application calculates the number of calories from the alcohol content of the drinks selected by you.

Whichever drink you'll log by making use of this application will get displayed on a graph on the 'Summary' tab. This graph will show the BAC over time and lets you know the time of your last drink and estimated BAC level. It keeps a record of your drinking history and makes it available to you in a calendar view.

Drink Tracker


7. DrinkControl

The best part about this application is that it automatically turns the amount of alcohol intake into alcohol standard units. Doing as such, it tells you that whether you are going over the consumption limits as per the moderate drinking rules or not. This application records your alcohol intake by selecting a predefined drink, entering the alcohol content (in %), the number of shots or bottles and quantity consumed. Besides, this will let you know the drink cost.



8. SoberTool

It is particularly designed for the people with alcoholism. It combines various features found in the other applications. It keeps a track of both the days sober and saved money. There is likewise a group of gathering where you can share messages and every day motivational messages and reminders to read them. One of its most exceptional devices is the capacity to enable you to build up the best customized relapse prevention based on a couple of inquiries in the app.



9. Sober Grid

Making new associations during the recovery can be essential. It is a social network for temperance. Besides tracking your days sober, the application enables you to find other sober people both close to you and around the globe to share and chat with. Stay mysterious and share to such an extent or as little as you prefer.

Sober Grid


10. recoveryBox

There isn't only one way to deal with recovery. It frequently needs a few tools to keep you on course. This application is intended to keep you responsible for your own particular conduct by logging your 'lights' – red for acting out, yellow for warning and green a way to go. The thought behind this is that you can't change your conduct until the point you remember it. This application helps you to do both.



Also, you can view the graphical representation of Calories, Money, Units and Inforgraph. It will let you monitor and manage your drinking by making use of Calendar feature.

Final Verdict

So, these alcohol tracker apps can enable you to monitor your everyday alcohol consumption with ease. The main objective of these apps is to help you in keeping a control over your drinks and finally change your drinking habits. Go ahead and start using any of the alcohol tracking apps and reduce your intake of alcohol.

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The article is contributed by Jeremy Hill, who is associated with JemJem as an editor. JemJem is the top online retailer of Used iPhone 4S in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones.

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