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Clip&Go; ? Video Editor Free

Sometimes all it takes to transform a video and make it much more attractive is a few simple tweaks and improvements. Conventionally you would have to transfer it over to a computer to use a video editor, but now you can do so directly on the Android device that you use to record it with the help of Clip&Go.

In a nutshell Clip&Go is a lightweight Android video editor that is designed to let you come up with creative and cool videos as easily as possible. Due to its simple and intuitive user interface you will be able to start using it as soon as it’s installed and will quickly be able to explore and apply its many features.

Part of what makes Clip&Go so straightforward is its simple ‘drag and drop’ style of controls. Even assuming you have no experience editing videos you’ll find it a piece of cake to familiarize yourself with how the app works and will be able to start editing videos in no time.


Within Clip&Go you’ll find a comprehensive range of features that cover all the bases you’ll need to create great videos. Some of its more prominent features include its ability to:

  • Add and combine multiple videos while arranging them in the sequence that you want them to appear.
  • Cut videos into segments and trim out any unnecessary parts that you don’t need from your videos.
  • Use music to accompany your video by adding any song from your device or utilizing one of the tracks that is built-in to the app.
  • Define the part of the music track that you want to overlay your video.
  • Save your video directly on your device or share it on social media and set the aspect ratio that you want to use when you do so.

All said and done considering how convenient, easy-to-use and feature-filled Clip&Go is, it really makes sense to try it out. Be sure to download it for free on Google Play so that you can try it out for yourself and witness firsthand how easy it is to use as well as what it brings to the table. Regardless of whether you want to create home movies, travel videos or simply short little clips to share on social media – this app is the key to being able to make them look just the way that you want them to.

About The Author

Movavi is your best choice for easy, reliable multimedia software! Since 2004, we have been developing easy-to-use and effective software for Windows to inspire your creativity and make processing, creating, and sharing your media content fun and fulfilling.

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