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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

In terms of the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of businesses have gone online. Due to this sophisticated IT specialists have become in demand. Never before had it been so difficult to hire a specialist with vast experience and high expertise.

Taking into account all these facts, no wonder that staff augmentation is so popular nowadays. If you don’t know what it means, keep reading this article till the end. It will help you understand what a staff augmentation is, its peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. Why you need it? Simply because it can help you boost your business and make it grow faster.

What does IT staff augmentation mean?

 Staff augmentation is a model of work when an existing development team is complemented with external specialists. This approach lies in evaluating the existing specialists and defining the skills that should be added. A client can hire IT specialists for a particular period of time and give them some special tasks. In fact this method may resemble outstaffing or outsourcing, but there are some differences you will get to know later.

Thanks to IT staff augmentation a person can enhance the overall expertise of your in-house team and speed up a number of business processes. This model grows in popularity, because of being time and cost-efficient. What’s more, the ability to shift responsibility to the outstaffing company will make you more focused on some critical aspects. (to read more about IT staff augmentation visit https://diceus.com/services/it-staff-augmentation-services-company/)

The benefits of IT staff augmentation

There are a lot of benefits a staff augmentation model can boast of. By knowing them you will understand why it is so popular.

1. The ability to compensate for a lack of expertise

The main idea of outstaffing is to hire experts that your team lacks. For example, you may need to deal with a specific challenge that your in-house team can’t master. In such a way by using an IT staff augmentation model you can hire specialists of rare professions and expertise.

2. Being time-efficient

 Due to the fact that a client can hire a specialist with the needed skills and knowledge, the development process speeds up. Why? Simply because these people don’t have to spend their time on education. Secondly, the hired person will be fully focused exactly on your project. It will result in reducing the development time.

3. Being cost efficient

  Among the greatest benefits of the IT staff augmentation model is its price. It is considered to be cheaper than forming and hiring your own in-house development team. What’s more, clients usually opt for outstaffing specialists for a limited period of time just to cover a particular project.

4. More flexible team

  You can hire a particular number of specialists you need. In the development process you can change the number of needed employees. What’s more, you can ask for another expert if the chosen one can’t meet your requirements.

5. Lesser responsibilities

  By applying to the IT staff augmentation model you can delegate some of your responsibilities to a service provider. You don’t have to think about the needed equipment and pay for it. Development tools have been already included in the price. By visiting https://diceus.com/ you can also make use of software, built by top-ranking companies for boosting your business.

Advantages and disadvantages of IT staff augmentation

As any other IT solution, outstaffing has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the pros of the IT staff augmentation. There are a lot of them, so we will consider the greatest ones.

1. Increased performance

 Due to high expertise and skills of hired specialists you will increase the overall performance of your team. The productivity increases and all business operations run more smoothly and organized.

2. The opinion from the 3d party

  By applying to the IT staff augmentation you get a person with high expertise to consulate with. Such people can generate new ideas and advice on a particular field of work.

3. Team management

   IT staff augmentation is a flexible model allowing you to manage your team as you wish. What’s more, hired experts usually work remotely, so you won’t feel the necessity to provide them with a working place.

Now it comes to the disadvantages of the IT staff augmentation model. There are not a lot of them, but still it is essential to take possible challenges into account.

4. Enhanced control over some operations

 Since the hired experts usually work remotely, you need to take control over their performance and results. In such a way it is pivotal to hire an experienced project manager or do it by yourself.

5. Misunderstanding

 Sometimes it may be difficult to find common language with the chosen employees. If you apply to the offshore staff augmentation company you may face different time zones and languages. It usually results in poor communication and misunderstanding.

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