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Buying LoL Account - A Step by step Guide

League of Legends is a preference to many players;beginners, armatures, experienced, and professional players alike. Many companies and websites are rendering the LoL services with different games, rates, and terms and conditions. Some LoL enthusiasts prefer creating their own accounts from the beginning and grow with them along the way to attain top rankings. However, some players prefer buying ready-made accounts to continue with the LoL experience with friends and other enthusiasts. Buying an LoL account is not easy as you would think as there is the likelihood of you being scammed. This article seeks to offer safe guidelines you need to follow to safely buy league of legends account.


Many stores are available on the web, but not all offer safe buying of LoL accounts. You need to search via google by looking at reviews of your preferred LoL store before initiating any purchase process. Verify that the reviews are a collection from trusted and reliable review collection and verification companies. The reviews must not come from the store itself as they are biased and skewed towards marketing and promoting the store to pull in buyers. One of the trusted review collection companies to consider its reviews is reviews.io.

Step Two: Confirm Sale of Your Preferred LoL Accounts

Shortcuts exist in the selling of League of Legends accounts and you are likely to fall prey to what you didn't order for in the first instance. Several LoL account sellers have verified or cracked accounts on sale that will limit your actions in the account once bought. The account becomes unsuitable for use by the purchaser eventually. At times you need your personal account to enable you to change your email address, passwords, and much more. A case requiring these changes calls for purchasing of unverified and unranked accounts from well-known LoL stores.

Step Three: Confirm the Presence of Support for Your Preferred Payment Gateway

Any purchase requires payment remittance towards the end of the transaction process. However, most LoL enthusiasts wishing to buy accounts overlook this fact and find themselves with difficulties transferring the money. When buying a LoL account, ensure that you can pay for it seamlessly as stores have a preference for different payment methods. Confirm your preferred payment gateway availability with the shop as others prefer credit card payments, while some go for PayPal.

Step Four: Seek Out the Best Priced Accounts

Don’t just make an instantaneous choice on the first available option when you click on your search engine for LoL accounts on sale. The purpose of your research is to provide all possible verified genuine LoL accounts on sale at your disposal. The same research provides varied pricing across several websites with ideal price comparisons. Ensure to constantly compare and contrast all possible LoL accounts on sale to allow you to save on money. Once you are comfortable with your choice of an account and its price, proceed and make the payment.

Step Five: Account Ownership and Utilization

Having owned the account, select a convenient server to use, then proceed to filter the information in the account to narrow down to your preferred games. The choices cover various skins, Bes, champion, and seasonal rankings, if any. Be on the lookout for unranked filters, which are a preference to many boosters who buy LoL accounts. Upgrade the ranking of the unranked boosters to platinum, gold, or higher positions to fetch you good money should opt to sell the account.

Due to safety reasons, all information on your cherished accounts is sent to your provided specified email on an instance. It is relatively safe buying an LoL account, the requirement is ensuring to follow the step-by-step guide provided to avoid scammers. Ideal websites to consider have round the clock support system which are handy in responding to pertinent issues before you proceed to purchase.

Safety in Buying a League of Legends Account

The step-by-step guide in buying a genuine LoL account is the first process to owning a lifetime enjoyment. The preceding steps rely on what you want the account to do for you and how safe you intend your account to be and protect yourself. There are tips needed to order your account and offer protection.

  1. The first critical action is changing the email address and password of your bought account to your details. This action is meant for protecting your interests in the account and ensuring no one, not even the seller, has leeway to viewing its progress.
  2. It is advisable that you don’t contact the LoL support team directly other than the website provider. The Riot Games that provide League of Legends is not enthusiastic about people selling the LoL accounts. By contacting them, you will be reminding them of the ongoing account sales and institute blockage processes.
  3. Your protection is of utmost importance, therefore, don’t inform anyone of your just concluded purchases. Some players and friends may be green with envy on your latest achievements and may proceed and complain.
  4. Added account protection comes to the avoidance of playing ranked games in two weeks' from buying the account. It is advisable to play usual modes with your buddies before proceeding to ranked games to keep them safe.
  5. Pay close attention to high-quality stores that sell LoL accounts. These stores are likely to meet your demands of safety and quality.
  6. Check on warranties in place before starting to use the purchased account. In an instance where you have been playing the League of Legends and you are buying a second account, consider playing with worst friends during the calibration process to bring the account up to par.

As you become a professional player, you can choose to own several accounts to offer flexibility in avoiding insults, straining, and losing cherished acquired ranks. A point to note is that the Riot Games took off some skins in the game, so you will not find them in the League of Legends stores.

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