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17 Best Money Making Apps of 2020 That Pay Real Money & Cash

Are you in need of extra income with no chance of to part-time job? Consider using any of the legit money making apps to earn you extra cash in your wallet. 

There are several money-making apps that will allow you to make money online, more than you could imagine. These apps will enable you to get paid via PayPal as a gift card or get paid cashback on your purchases. Many firms anticipate to get new app users and are willing to pay you for that. If you use a lot of your time on a mobile phone, it can't hurt you, earning an extra coin while at it.

Here are 17 great money-making apps that you can't miss to use!

1. DoorDash

You can use this app as a driver to earn extra money by picking items of people from the local area and delivering it to its customers. But you are responsible for any other expense that involves your vehicle. You can use motorcycles, bikes, or even on foot, provided you deliver the items in some places. 

2. Turo

This is an app that allows you to list your car for other people to rent. It is an amicable and easy method of earning money, mainly if you use your vehicle daily. The app has a calculator that helps you know the amount you would make for a particular period.'

3. Wikibuy

Are you wondering whether you get the best pricing whenever you buy anything? Wikibuy notifies

its users have got available coupons for anything you view or if the same thing is selling at lower rates.

4. Dosh

This is a good smartphone app that offers you cash every moment you participate in purchasing a linked card. Once you download this app, it is prudent to connect to a bank. You can easily get your payment via PayPal.

5. Ibotta

It is yet another great money-making app that revolves around cashback shopping. It's a widely known app that extends too many brands. Its affiliates program gives its users a chance to earn more money by having your friends join the app.

6. HealthyWage

 If you are on the verge of losing weight, motivation will work best. This app is a great motivator. The app offers you with various methods of gaining for losing weight. Indeed, you will work hard to lose weight and make money.

7. Honeygain

It is another app that you can download for your android, windows, and macOS devices. You can make as much as $19 in a month. But it will all depend on the location, speed of your internet, and other factors. You, however, need to have at least $20 before withdrawing.

8. Mistplay

It is a well-known app that has over ten million users. The apps pay you upon discovering and playing new games on your phone. It should be on the android devices only. The more you play the game, the many units you acquire. After that, you can cash in these units as gift cards to your stores.

9. Survey junkie

By using this app, you become the influencer and provide opinions to the brand partners. It is among the best paying apps existing today as it real and gift cards and cash via PayPal. It has over 3 million users.

10. Swagbucks

 This is among the leading money-making apps that deal with online surveys. It has been in existence for the longest time, meaning it has paid out many million dollars to its users over the years. This makes it a legit way of earning money. You will earn money through this app to shop online, surveys, games, and even videos. 

11. Inbox dollars

It is an app that allows its users to conduct surveys where you earn $0.5 to $5 though it sometimes has offers and pays well. It delivers real money, and you get $5 upon registration as a bonus. It is funny how you can earn by just watching TV, shopping, or finishing up some offers on the app. 

12. Lucktastic

It is among other promising and exciting money making apps that pay out their users in the form of sweepstakes. You can also get your pay in the way of gift cards every time you earn a particular number of points. All you need to do is play virtual games by adding them to your pot. It is a top-rated app that has had over a million winners since it started. Its money comes from the advertisement, meaning it will always have money to pay its winners. It has several adverts and offers. You can only make it if you are tolerating playing amidst all that. 

13. Fetch rewards

 It is easy to use the app. You earn extra money by taking pictures of your receipts. It has partnered with several well-known brands. If you buy any of them, be sure to earn points from there, redeem points for its retailers. It is a cool app that helps you track your expenditures from various stores. 

14. Payment

This among the exciting money-making apps mostly used in India. It allows you to choose tasks of your choice and complete them to earn money. All you need is to register an account via Facebook and verify it using your mobile phone number to get paid better than other members. By just joining payment, you earn yourself some points.

15. Perk app

It is a top-rated app that provides its users with many ways to complete a task on your android phone. You can via watching videos, visiting websites, playing games, among other activities. The points you earn can be used to shop in various stores. However, you can have them converted and get payment via PayPal.

16. Moocash

It is part of mobile money making apps that help you earn money through your android phone or any other device. You earn by using the screen locker. Here people earn for swiping their gadgets to unlock. Just that, and you get your coins, which you can later redeem into cash through the PayPal method.

17. Acorns

Are you looking forward to saving up for your future? Perhaps invest for your retirement. Consider checking out this app. If you have a bigger platform with a friendly and great interface, then acorn is the best suit investing app. You can register with ease, set up the amount to save each month, and everything else into place. The app will be in charge and invest in your acorn account. The great news is that you earn up to $1o bonus upon registering for new members. 


The above list of money-making apps is among several others that can help make money. Every day there is new upcoming money making apps! Some are legit while others are a scam. You need to be careful, vigilant before making a go-ahead into using them! Always be cautious about what you are about to download and the kind of information you provide. The list above is among the legit mobile money making apps that we have keenly researched and proved to be good for the new members to try.

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